Antique Fair

Near where I live, there is an antique fair which is full of little stalls and buildings selling all kinds of trinkets, furniture and other nik naks. I took a trip down there with my mum, aunt and sister to see if there were any goodies we could find. There was a wide range of little, quaint shops that were selling all kinds of old antiques from jewellery, tea sets and furniture. I love looking at old items and thinking about the stories that come with them, most of the items are full of history and it always makes me think about the things we use today  and whether or not they will be classed as antiques in the future. We began our day by looking around the garden section at outdoor furniture and plants which were surrounding a beautiful pond. 11774696_10153462172474244_674031287_n 11758783_10153462172714244_1141722897_n

We continued into the main building, which was covered from floor to ceiling with clothes, furniture, books and jewellery which is what really grabbed my eye. It was so easy to start rummaging around, getting lost in all the garments and thats exactly what happened. After a few hours, we had really worked up an appetite, which, to be honest isn’t that hard for me seeing as I’m always hungry. Surrounding the little buildings were cosy little tea rooms which served everything from toasted sandwiches to scones, a personal favourite of mine, but situated right in the middle of the shops was a pub that we decided would be the best place. The place was so idyllic and pretty and the food was amazing, so naturally, I turned into one of those people that takes pictures of their food (don’t worry, I didn’t instagram it) 11694295_10153462172099244_790627045_n After we had eaten, we carried on hunting around. It wasn’t until we were about to leave that I found some Disney books, which completely grabbed my attention mainly because I am the biggest Disney fan. A lot of them were picture books for children that told the stories of classic films; however in the corner tucked away, I found a book called ‘Walt Disney – Stories From Another World‘. It is a book that was published in 1965 and tells the stories of all the old classic films along with illustrations from films including; 101 Dalmatians, Alice in Wonderland and my personal favourite Peter Pan. I immediately knew that I had to have it and when I saw that it was only £2, I had to pick it up and I’m so happy that I did. 11756474_10153462171964244_929536355_n I had such a good day and saw some really cute little treasures; I can’t wait to go back to see what else I can find.

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