Packing Tips and Tricks

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Image: Tumblr

Going on holiday is such an exciting thing but the planning and  preparation can be quite stressful; especially packing. I have such a love hate relationship with packing; I love it because it means I’m going away but I find it can be a stressful, long process. However, there are some things that can be done to make it a bit easier.

1. Make A List

It always helps me to write down a list of what I am planning on taking then I know if I have the right amount, not enough or way too much, (which is always the case for me.)

2. Plan What You’re Doing 

That way you know what kind of outfits you need to take; whether it be more dresses or more tops with shorts. Always try to be prepared but don’t over pack because if you’re anything like me, you won’t wear it.

3. Pack Light, Wear Heavy

There is nothing worse than getting to the airpot and finding out your bag is over 15kg and having to pay. If you can, wear the heavy stuff you want to take on the plane, like bulky shoes and layers. Save the light stuff like flip flops and swimming costumes for your suitcase.

4. Simple colour palette

By having a simple colour palette to work with, like monochrome, more clothes will match so you can mix and match pieces of one outfit with another and ta da you have a brand new outfit.

– Hannah X

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