Hampton Court Palace

Yesterday, I went to Hampton Court Palace as it was my sister’s birthday and that is what she wanted to do. I had never been before, but I was super excited to go.

Source: Google

The first thing that really struck me was the size of the buildings; obviously I knew they were going to be grand but the rooms were just enormous, but so beautiful. As we walked into the Base Court, we picked up an audio tour so that we could get all the information as we moved from room to room. I found it fascinating how 500 years ago, the places that I was standing in housed hundred of servants and one of the most famous kings of English history, Henry VIII.

We spent the next couple of hours walking around the grand halls that were covered in portraits, learning about tudor England and about all the ghosts that roam the buildings as well as exploring the beautiful gardens and maze that surround the palace. It was honestly like I had entered a fairytale, it was amazing. (I definitely pretended I was a Disney Princess the whole time haha)



I can’t believe that, considering its not that far from my house, that I had never been before, but I would definitely go back again; there was so much to see and do that it really is such a fun day out


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