A Day In Windsor


My sister is studying at Royal Holloway University, so  the other day, me, my mum and dad decided to go and see her and have a day out in Windsor, seeing as it is only about a 20 minute drive away. I have never been there before so I was super excited to go especially after my sister told me how lovely it is there.

The place itself is so quiet and quaint with shops filling the little cobbled streets. It was absolutely amazing. We walked around for hours looking at every single shop there was, which included the cutest flower shop I have ever seen, I couldn’t stop looking at it, it was so pretty.

IMG_5578 IMG_5574

After exploring the shops, we stopped for coffee in a small cafe called Illy, which sold the nicest lattes and they also sold those little kinder bars so it was a win win really. After sitting having coffee while looking at the castle, we decided it was time to head home much to my disappointment.

I absolutely love Windsor and can’t wait to go back. The whole place has such a calm and peaceful atmosphere and everyone was so lovely which made a nice change from the fast pace of London life. Next time I go back, I have to go inside the castle because from the outside it looked incredible and I bet it looks even better inside.


Have you ever been to Windsor before?

-Hannah X

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