HOW TO: Cosy Night In


There is nothing I prefer more than having a cosy night in, especially when it is cold and miserable outside; like it has been recently, so here are my top 5 ‘must dos’ for any night in. This blog post is also a collaboration with and so go and make sure you read their posts after to see what they do for a perfect night in.


Run a Bath

This is a pretty standard part of my nightly routine but if I was to have a pamper night, I usually add some lush bath bombs, put on a face mask and, if I really want to relax myself, I light a scented candle and turn the light off…bliss!


Clean Pyjamas 

Honestly, is there a better feeling than getting out of the bath or shower and putting on a clean pair of pjs? It’s honestly one of my favourite things to do.


Cup of Tea of Hot Chocolate

Once you’ve gotten into your clean pjs, the next step is to get a hot drink. Depending on the time, I usually go for either a cup of tea or a hot chocolate; I’m currently obsessed with the Cadbury Wispa Gold one, its incredible!



The essential for any night in; snacks! Popcorn or something savoury like crisps, but if you’re like me and have a sweet tooth, a bit of chocolate always goes down a treat too.



Once you’ve got your drinks and snacks, then its the last step. Get into bed or curl up on the sofa and watch countless films or binge watch a series on Netflix.



And there you go; 5 steps to achieve the perfect cosy night in! What do you do when you’re having a night in? Also make sure you go and check out the lovely and!

** All pictures are from Tumblr, except for the header, which Yasmin made**

-Hannah X

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