Bloggers Hangout LFW Event

I’ve always wanted to go to London Fashion Week and when I saw that The Bloggers Hangout were hosting a LFW event, I knew I had to go. The event was at the ProVision Studios in Hoxton, London; which was so exciting for me seeing as I’m a Photographer.

The whole atmosphere was amazing, the music was playing and there were lots of new and exciting brands to discover. I really enjoyed walking around and getting to know each company; their ethos and their products. As well as networking with lots of great brands, it was also so lovely to meet so many fellow bloggers.


Some of the brands that were there were;

Beauty: Ark Skincare, Heaven Skincare, JD Beauty, Naturigin, Pacific World Cosmetics, Perphone, Shea Decadence London, Skin Doctors, Urban Veda.

Food & Drink: Bluebird Tea Co., CocoNuts, Cranes Drink, Natural Fitness, Pics Peanut Butter,  Popcycle, Popkakery, Pudology, Raw Gorilla, The Coconut Collaborative.

Thank you so much Bloggers Hangout for having me, it was such a lovely event!

-Hannah X

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