In-Flight Essentials



As you’re reading this, I will be in New York; I just got so excited typing that. Seeing as the flight to NY is about 8 hours long, I wanted to make sure that I packed everything I needed into my hand luggage to take on the plane with me.

Face Wipes – Now, before you all start shouting at me for using them; its purely for the flight haha. I don’t want to be sitting there with my make up on for that long so they’re just an easy way to take it all off. I promise I’ll give my face a proper cleanse the minute I get to my hotel.

Money – of course I need to buy lots of goodies while I’m there

Polaroid – Any trip wouldn’t be complete without a polaroid camera. I’m taking my canon too but this is just the perfect size for putting in my bag every day and let’s be honest who doesn’t love polaroids?

Sweets – My parents always taught me to bring sweets on a plane so that when you’re taking off and landing your ears don’t pop. Tic Tacs are always my favourite!

Headphones – Seeing as I get bored quite easily, I need headphones so I can watch all the films they have on the plane.

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