Pre Tea Slim Teatox


I’ve been wanting to try a teatox for a really long time but I was always conscious of how it would make me feel because I’ve heard that while it ‘detoxes’ you, it can leave you feeling quite sick. My lovely friend Hayley, who works for the company, got in touch to ask if I wanted to sample a teatox called Pre Tea Slim so I decided it was finally time to try one out so of course, I said yes please!

The idea is pretty much the same as every other teatox, you have one cup of the morning blend when you wake up and one cup of the evening blend before you go to bed. The morning blend was absolutely amazing, it has rose in it, which you could really taste but it was so refreshing. The morning blend claims to burn fat, give you energy and reduce your appetite which I definitely think it did. Usually I would still be hungry after breakfast but this tea stopped me wanting to snack immediately. I started this teatox the same day I started slimming world so I can’t really give a honest answer as to whether it burnt fat or not but according to my slimming world results I would say it worked! It also definitely made me feel more awake, I actually really looked forward to getting up and having the morning tea because it made me feel ready for the day, which is a big deal, seriously, I’m like a sloth; always tired.

Now, the night time brew; I’m not going to lie, I was not a massive fan. It has a mild laxative, which is where the ‘detoxing’ comes in but it wasn’t that bad; it was the taste I couldn’t get on with. The evening blend had a really strong liquorice taste which was not my favourite and the longer you let it brew, the stronger it got; if you like liquorice then you would probably really like this. It claims to relax the body, detoxify and improve digestion which again, I would definitely agree with.

As my first teatox experience, I was pleasantly surprised and would definitely do it again. I felt more awake and really enjoyed having a cup as soon as I woke up and right before I went to bed. There are a few different length courses of pre slim tea which can be found here and I would 100% recommend giving it a go.

Have you ever tried a teatox, what are your thoughts on them?

-Hannah X

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