I Am A Girl’s Girl

The Girls’ Girl club is a great online place for women to empower women. Being part of the blogging community, I think it is so important that we listen to other people’s ideas and compliment our fellow bloggers on the work they have created. Honestly, there is no better feeling then someone telling you they liked your latest post.

The Girl’s Girl Club got in contact and asked me to share my major girls moment and what I believe is the best thing about being a girl; so I would definitely have to say that #IAmAGirlsGirl because I am all about complimenting other girls on their blog work. The best thing about being a girl for me (apart from the ability to create little humans) is being able to dress up and play around with makeup.


To celebrate getting involved with the the club, they also sent me the coolest t-shirt from https://expressiontees.com so of course I had to go with the pug one! I love it! You can get involved with the girls’ girl club by using #IAmAGirlsGirl across all social media.

-Hannah X

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