Spa Day with Clarins

After possibly the worst start to 2017, I was beyond excited when two lovely ladies from Clarins at Intu Lakeside came into work to offer Lakeside employees a free treatment. We were able to choose between a facial and a massage so I opted for the massage as I have been feeling really tense lately and wanted some tlc.16651521_10154998011719244_1293940561_o.jpg


Upon arrival, the lovely Sara greeted me and sat me down on one of the two leather treatment chairs. She asked me what areas of my back I felt the most tense and broke down each step of the massage to me and the benefits it would have. I was a bit sceptical because the Beauty Bar was right in the middle of Debenhams and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to completely zone out and get relaxed but I was wrong.

Sara started on the left side of my back as I explained this was where I carry bags and weight and felt the most tense. She then moved over to the right side and then upwards toward the bottom of my neck and head. I was expecting the massage to stop after my scalp but Sara finished off with massaging my hands which I thought was such a nice way to end the treatment.


I was actually so sad when the treatment ended, it was just what I needed. I completely forgot that I was in the middle of Debenhams and I walked out feeling so relaxed and eager to book in for a full length 30 minute treatment. Sara was also nice enough to give me a little goody bag of some Clarins facial products to try which was such a nice gesture.

Have you ever had a treatment at a Clarins Beauty Bar?

-Hannah X

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