Blogmas Day 16| Stress Free Shopping

I love Christmas, more than most; but it is so easy to get stressed out with the thought of buying the perfect presets for everyone and the thought of getting out to buy said presents.


Shopping centres and high streets get absolutely swamped with people and it becomes a battle to get through the crowds which really isn’t enjoyable for anyone. Usually, I try to buy things online for people so that I can easily and quickly get them delivered to home without the hassle of queues and crowds or literally having to go outside. For this, Amazon is always my ‘go-to’ place because; I mean, is there anything they don’t sell? They’re also great because if you know exactly what you want to get, you can find it so easily without having to rummage through any shelves/racks.

If I decide that I do want to go out and search in the shops, I usually do it on weeknights because that’s when I find the crowds are at their lowest. I mean shopping on a Saturday is usually a no go but to do it on top of Christmas is a nightmare so always do it in the evenings. I also love it because I can stop off and have a nice hot chocolate to keep my going.

How do you keep your Christmas shopping stress free?

– Hannah X

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