Blogmas Day 17|Winter Hair Care

Sticking to the winter care, I have also been trying to give my hair some TLC. I used to have really short hair and after finally realising the error of my ways, have been trying to grow it.

I have, after years of trying, gotten my hair to a length that I am happy with but with that growth comes a lot of damaged, dead hair. I always saw hair as this thing that you can do anything too because ‘it’ll grow back’ but I have become so protective of mine that I think I average on about 1 cut a year (I know that’s awful and if you keep trimming it, it will grow quicker). I have no real sense of rationality so think that one little trim will take my hair back to it’s shortest.


I love a hair mask and while in Paris, I stopped off at Sephora and picked up one of their overnight ones. I am obsessed with their face masks so was so excited to give this a go.

I went for the coconut one and it comes with the mask and a cap to keep everything in place while you sleep. Although, I had heard good things, I didn’t really know what to expect but when I washed it off the next morning I was very pleasant surprised with how soft and healthy my hair felt.

I will definitely be stocking up on these the next time I get to a Sephora.

Have you ever tried Sephora’s hair masks?

– Hannah X

4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 17|Winter Hair Care

  1. I’ve never done a hair mask, I think I’m missing out. I’ve akways had long hair and it needed a good cut so a few months ago I chopped like 15 inches off! Now I’ve realised long hair wasn’t for me, I suit short so much more. Funny how everyone has different opinions xx


  2. Coconut does wonders for the hair. I started using a coconut cream pre wash nourisher a month ago and I can already feel the difference in my hair. Great post!


  3. I have never tried Sephora hair masks, but would love to! I don’t have a store nearby unfortunately 😦 What I personally find really good for my hair is the banana hair range from the Body Shop. It makes my hair so soft and healthy looking, maybe you could give this a try too 🙂


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