Appreciating The Little Moments

The first few days of April weren’t my best, I hit a pretty bad place with my mental health but it made me think about my life and all the little moments that make everyday so special.


Every day has good and bad moments and I am the worst at sometimes focusing on the negative and getting myself into moods because of it. This is something I definitely need to work on because I spend so long feeling down that I blink and the day is over and I’ve lost.

I’ve seen people, especially on Twitter, create threads where they jot down exciting things they have been ding each day but what I love to do is film it. Since the start of January, I have been using the app 1SE to document literally 1 second everyday. The app is so great because it really makes you stop and take time out to record what you have done each day, even if you think it’s not that exciting. I love it because it puts it into a montage so at the end of every month, I post my little 30 second video to my Instagram so it is always there for me to go back to and I’ll do the same on the last day of the year so I can see exactly how 2019 has been.

As a photography graduate, I love recording moments through creative mediums like photos and videos so this is something I have really been enjoying and it helps me stay positive and focused, even on the darker days.

Feel free to head over to my Instagram (@hannahmoggridge) to see what I have been getting up to over the last 4 months and keep an eye out for the next 8!


– Hannah

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