Having a Life Coach

I like to think I’m a pretty open minded person who is up for trying new things; so when my friend Zoe told me her colleague was training to be a life coach and needed people to work on and if I’d be interested, I didn’t really bat an eyelid about saying yes.

I have gone through therapy a few times and thought it would be similar but they are respectively different. Coaching is more about having a goal and finding techniques to stay motivated and work on those achieving those goals. This I think works better for me because instead of just exploring a situation/emotion and talking about it; with coaching you also look to see how you can break down that behaviour and move away from it.

My sessions are done through Skype and from the beginning I have felt so comfortable and able to be as open as possible. When the course started, we discussed exactly what my goal/s are and every week we talk about new techniques to help get me there. It’s great because we recap on the previous 7 days to see what worked and what still needs a bit of improvement.

I love how we have a main goal but little goals come up along the way and they are always something that is very achievable so I feel good when I’ve succeeded. I honestly look forward to the sessions every week and we do them on a monday so I have a focus for the next few days.

Of course I am only one person and my experiences could be completely different from someone else’s but I’d strongly recommend giving it a go. I have learnt so much about myself and can’t wait to see what the rest of my journey is going to teach me.

-Hannah X

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