Blogmas Day 12| Stress Free Shopping

This time of year is stressful enough but then add on the shopping! I always try to make the whole experience as stress free as possible so I thought I’d share some of my top tips.


  1. Write a list – I love writing lists and keeping organised and this definitely helps me stay as relaxed as possible. I usually write down everyone that I need to buy for with a few ideas and a budget so I can make sure I pick accordingly. It’s great because then you know who is done and who is left and honestly, is there any better feeling than physically crossing something off of your to-do list? No.

   2. Avoid peak shopping times – If I am venturing to a shopping centre, I always try to do it in and evening after work when it is quieter than normal. I mean Christmas shopping on a Saturday is a no go for me, I find it way too over whelming but doing it in an evening is much more relaxed. Also, the shopping centre near me stays open until 11pm so I know I have more than enough time to get everything done.

 3. Shop online – Probably the best idea is to shop online. I mean whats better than growing the whole store from the confront of your sofa and pyjamas and then to have it delivered to your door; perrrrrrfect!

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