Easter Baking

Happy Easter! This is a bit of a weird one isn’t it but I still wanted to celebrate so me and my sister, Holly, whipped up a batch of chocolate brownies. Okay they were a Betty Crocker pack but they were still so tasty.


We placed out all of the ingredients and got all of the utensils; it was actually so easy as all we needed was an egg, some vegetable oil and water. As soon as we opened the mix I was drooling, it smelt so chocolatey and honestly, I was tempted to have a little taste. Is that weird? Oh well. We then added the wet ingredients and gave it a good mix; we did find that we had to add a bit more water than they stated as it was quite dry and clumpy. It still smelt amazing.

We lined a tin with some baking paper and poured the mix into a preheated over for 2o mins. They said the brownies take 20-25 mins to cook but we kept checking on them and found that they took a little bit longer. We did the good old knife test to make sure they they were still a little bit gooey in the middle. By this point, I had licked the bowl and the spoon – the perks of your sister being vegan; no need to share. 

In the spirit of Easter, we also got some Galaxy Enchanted eggs for decoration to go on top so we added these once the brownies had cooled down so that they didn’t melt and voila!


I can confirm that they are as good as they look. Crispy on the outside and nice and gooey in the middle.

Happy Easter!

Hannah X

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