Blogmas Day 21| Favourite Decorations

I can’t believe how close we are to the end of Blogmas and I am so proud I have managed to stick with it for this long. For today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite decorations that e have on the tree. We decorate our tree a little differently as none of our decorations fit in with a theme, they are all things we have collected over the years. I love that though because our tree has so much sentimental value to it, it’s so special.

Here are a few of my favourites:

– Hannah X


Blogmas Day 20| Have a Lush Christmas

We all know how much I love Lush, and Christmas, so put those 2 things together and we have the perfect combination. There are so many pretty Lush items this season so here are some of my favourites.

Magic Wand – this is probably my favourite, I mean look at it; it’s so pretty!

Snow Fairy – Hands dow the best smell in the world – now in bath bomb form

Princess Bomb – How adorable

Candy Cane – Definitely my favourite ‘new’ product

What are your favourite festive goodies from Lush?

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 19| Christmas in London

I am very lucky to live in the capital city but I’ll be honest, I often take it for granted because it’s always there and I only go to specific places as and when I need too. That being said, I love London and even more so when it’s the build up to Christmas. It’s so special and pretty. Me and Mum went into the city to explore the sights and I wanted to share a the special spots that I love the most.

My mum used to work near Fortnum and Mason’s, the department store off of Regent’s street and she has always taken us in there so she’s passed her love for it onto me. I love strolling around there anyway but there is something extra special about it at Christmas.

My favourite spot to go to is Covent Garden, purely for the massive Christmas tree that they have in the middle. It’s so pretty as it sit on the cobbles. While we were there, we also popped into the new Tiffany and Co store which was decorated with the most beautiful decorations that were all in the classic Tiffany blue colour.

Where’s your favourite place to visit in London at Christmas time?

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 18| Christmas Baking

I love baking, even if I’m not as good as I think I am; and what better than Christmas baking. I popped into Sainsbury’s and picked up a shortbread reindeer kit and channelled my inner Mary Berry and thought who better to share it with than you.

The kit itself is great as it comes with the mix, the icing, the cookie cutter and some jellybeans for decoration and all you need to add is butter. I started by mixing the butter and mixture together with my hands to create the dough, arguably one of the best things about baking is getting nice and messy.

After the dough was the right consistency, I sprinkled some flour on the counter and used the cookie cutter to create the cutest little reindeers. The smell as they were baking in the over was amazing, it made the whole house smell so Christmassy and cosy.

I couldn’t wait for the biscuits to cool down so I could decorate them. The kit came with black icing for the eyes, mouths and nose and a little tube of white for the antlers. Now, I am not the most delicate when it comes to decoration but I think they turned out okay. As far as taste goes, I can’t comment because I actually don’t like shortbread but my mum and dad said they enjoyed them so I’m taking that as a good sign.


– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 17|Winter Hair Care

Sticking to the winter care, I have also been trying to give my hair some TLC. I used to have really short hair and after finally realising the error of my ways, have been trying to grow it.

I have, after years of trying, gotten my hair to a length that I am happy with but with that growth comes a lot of damaged, dead hair. I always saw hair as this thing that you can do anything too because ‘it’ll grow back’ but I have become so protective of mine that I think I average on about 1 cut a year (I know that’s awful and if you keep trimming it, it will grow quicker). I have no real sense of rationality so think that one little trim will take my hair back to it’s shortest.


I love a hair mask and while in Paris, I stopped off at Sephora and picked up one of their overnight ones. I am obsessed with their face masks so was so excited to give this a go.

I went for the coconut one and it comes with the mask and a cap to keep everything in place while you sleep. Although, I had heard good things, I didn’t really know what to expect but when I washed it off the next morning I was very pleasant surprised with how soft and healthy my hair felt.

I will definitely be stocking up on these the next time I get to a Sephora.

Have you ever tried Sephora’s hair masks?

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 16| Stress Free Shopping

I love Christmas, more than most; but it is so easy to get stressed out with the thought of buying the perfect presets for everyone and the thought of getting out to buy said presents.


Shopping centres and high streets get absolutely swamped with people and it becomes a battle to get through the crowds which really isn’t enjoyable for anyone. Usually, I try to buy things online for people so that I can easily and quickly get them delivered to home without the hassle of queues and crowds or literally having to go outside. For this, Amazon is always my ‘go-to’ place because; I mean, is there anything they don’t sell? They’re also great because if you know exactly what you want to get, you can find it so easily without having to rummage through any shelves/racks.

If I decide that I do want to go out and search in the shops, I usually do it on weeknights because that’s when I find the crowds are at their lowest. I mean shopping on a Saturday is usually a no go but to do it on top of Christmas is a nightmare so always do it in the evenings. I also love it because I can stop off and have a nice hot chocolate to keep my going.

How do you keep your Christmas shopping stress free?

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 15| Favourite Christmas Jumpers

I love a Christmas jumper and am genuinely gutted that you can only really wear them for a limited time. I also have been in the market for a new one so I have picked a few of my favourite ones.

1. Pale Grey Christmas Pudding Slogan Jumper – New Look

2. Christmas Jacquard Pug Jumper – Boohoo

3. ‘Sleigh my name’ embellished sweatshirt – River Island

4. Grey super soft embellished jumper – Wallis

Have you embraced a Christmas jumper yet this year?

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 14| Wishlist

My parents, boyfriend and friends have all been asking me what I want for Christmas but there really isn’t anything I want. I know people hate to hear that answer, but there is honestly nothing that I need. I did have a little think about some things I would quite like.

Big Dial Bracelet Silver Watch – Olivia Burton

Mini Heart Tag Earrings – Tiffany and Co

Doug the Pug Calendar – The Calendar Club

What are you asking for this year?

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 13| Winter Skincare Routine

I’ve written a post like this before, but I am always updating my skincare routine so here’s an updated version.

I have quite dry skin and during the winter months, I really have to focus on keeping it hydrated. There is nothing worse than patchy makeup that has stuck itself to the dry patches, am I right?! Now, I have loved so many moisturisers over the years but haven’t really found one that I have stuck too religiously. My most recent skincare purchases are from the Vitamin E collection from Superdrug.


Vitamin E is great for the skin because it is full of anti ageing properties and antioxidants that help battles redness so it’s perfect as I am now at the ripe age of 25 when your skin stops producing collagen and anti ageing products become your best friend.

I have been using the ‘Intense Moisture Cream’ and ‘Nourishing Night Cream’ for only a few weeks now but I am already noticing some small changes. My skin stays hydrated throughout the day which means my makeup also stays fresher looking and it also doesn’t look so dull and lifeless. It is still a bit early to tell exactly how much my skin has changed but I am loving the products so far and maybe theses are finally the skincare products I buy religiously.

How do you keep your skin hydrated in the winter months?

-Hannah X

Blogmas Day 12| Favourite Christmas Films

Is there any better feeling than having a cosy day indoor with blankets, a hot chocolate and a few Christmas film? Yeah I didn’t think so either. I love a Christmas movie and if it was acceptable, I would probably watch them all throughout the year. Some of my favourite festive films are:


1. Elf
I mean, isn’t this everyone’s favourite film? I’m such a big Will Ferrell fan anyway and I think this is definitely in my top 5 films with him in it too. I don’t know what it is but I would sit and watch this over and over again and never get bored. I was gutted that I didn’t get tickets to see in in London, hopefully they bring it back so I can drag Jack along with me.

2. Love Actually
A British classic that follows the lives of different families at Christmas time. I can’t even begin to count how many times I have seen this film but I love it the same each time, the cast and story lines are just so great.

3. The Holiday
Another absolute classic that I could happily watch all year around. Again the cast in this film is fantastic; I mean who wouldn’t love to have Jude Law knocking on the door of your little cottage looking to stay the night in front of a fire. Perfect!

4. The Grinch
Mine and my dad’s favourite Christmas film. Again, I am such a huge Jim Carrey fan and definitely think this is one of his best ones. It’s so funny and even though I can quote it word for word it doesn’t stop me watching it at least 50 times.

5. Home Alone
I think I started watching this back in September because I love it that much, little Macaulay Culkin is the cutest.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

-Hannah X