New Home, New Job, New Location

I can’t believe I am going to write this but 2020 hasn’t been all bad. I mean it has been a total shit show let’s be honest but in the mix of it all, there have been some positives which I think is so important to focus on right now.

Let’s go back to June/July time; I was furloughed from my job where I had worked for 3 years and needless to say I struggled; a lot. It was so hard to not take it personally; to feel like I had done something wrong or was on the brink of being fired. I knew I was worth more than hanging around to see what would happen so I bit the bullet and started applying for jobs. I was so lucky to find one that I actually really enjoy, I know it’s a tough place right now for so many people. I started my new job in August and I love it, I get to work from home and my boss is the nicest person you could meet.

Fast forward a few weeks to the end of August and my boyfriend also gets a new job (yay yay) but this one had a catch, the job was in Staffordshire – a long cry from my beloved Essex; but only for a few months. So, I bet you guessed what happened next; we moved! Luckily, as I work remotely I was able to join him on this adventure and that’s the current situation; both with new jobs, in a new city in our very own little home, who would have thought.

The last few weeks and months have been crazy, a real mix of emotions but it’s so exciting and just goes to show that even in the strangest of times (I REFUSE to say unprece-*gags*) there are little moments of happiness and positivity that need to be remembered and cherished, no matter how big or small.

What are some positive things that have happened to you this year so far??

The Art of Mindfulness

I am often told that I live on my nerves and need to stop rushing around and relax (easier said then done) so last year I tried to be a bit more proactive in stopping for 5 minutes and appreciating my day. I download the app 1 second everyday which was a huge help! You literally record 1 second of your day, everyday and then you can save a whole montage of your week, month or year. For the whole of 2019, I managed to record a clip and uploaded them to my Instagram each month.

I loved it because it made me stop and take in what I was doing but I still found that I was recording the moment with my phone to save and share, instead of just saving it for myself, in my brain. It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane day to day life but each day is a gift and I want to acknowledge that; so I have started being more mindful in just stopping and looking and taking in exactly where I am and what I am doing. Whether that be on my commute to work or out and about with friends and family. I’m hoping it will help me to not feel so stressed at times and give me a breath of fresh air. There are so many moments in a day and I don’t want to miss out on any of them.

Have you ever tried mindfulness meditation?

-Hannah X

Forget New Year’s resolutions

Queue the countless blogposts of people listing things they are going to give up etc. I want to do things differently this year so instead of writing a list of things I’m going to give up like chocolate and alcohol, here’s some things I’m am going to take up or try to do harder so 2020 is the best



1. Take up and language – last year I tried my hardest to get some more Spanish under my belt and I loved it so this year I want to try my luck at Italian. I use the app Duolingo as it gives me daily reminders and it’s so fun and easy!

2. Get back to photography – incase you didn’t know, I have a degree in photography but sadly I only really use it for blog photos so this year I want to start taking my camera out more because it’s literally collecting dust

3. Learn to cook and bake more – I’m actually the worst cook, unless you want fajitas or beans on toast for the rest of your life. So I want to learn some more recipes because I actually really enjoy cooking

-Hannah X

Travel with Me: Lapland

To celebrate the new year, my family and I headed to Finland for a few days to make some memories in the snow. We went about 19 years ago when I was 7 but I don’t remember too much so I was so excited to get back.

After a bit of a rocky flight and having to land in a different airport due to the snow; we made it to Finland and we’re taken to get our snow suits and boots (quite ugly but quite comfy)

Our hotel was so small and cosy and was just full of people doing the same excursions as us which was so nice as everyone was so friendly including the reps and hotel employees.

The excursions we booked were a husky ride, a snowmobile ride to see the Northern Lights and a reindeer sanctuary and I can’t even tell you how incredible they all were. The huskies were definitely my favourite, especially the dog cuddles at the end!



In between trips we were able to stay in the hotel but there wasn’t too much to do so we tried to get out and explore as much as possible. Our hotel was actually in Sweden but was right on the border so we often walked through to Finland, especially to get some gloggi which was hands down the best mulled wine I have ever tasted. Also pretty cool to say that the day we flew home we went to 3 countries in 24 hours.

I had the best holiday with my family and completely fell in love with Lapland and am so happy I have some new memories that I will actually remember. I am so gutted to be home and back to work but looking forward to so many more adventures. Not to give anything away but I think I should start brushing up on my Italian!

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 24| Merry Christmas

Wow! The end of blogmas; it’s always such a bittersweet time but I loved every minute of it! I am currently sitting in my new Christmas PJs watching Elf thinking about how grateful I am to every single person who has read my blog and interacted with me in some way. I think you are all great and want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Lots of love,

Hannah xx

Blogmas Day 9|Festive Night In

I am a self confessed Grandma who loves a night in so when you can make it festive then why not. Usually, any night in for me will include a good skin care routine, I love that squeaky clean feeling and you can read all about that in Blogmas day 14


Usually then, I will go to the kitchen and make a hot chocolate and grab a snack which of course had to be a mince pie for this time of year. Drinks and snacks go, and it’s time for films and TV; which Netflix have been great for recently; I’ve already watched Elf and The Grinch countless times. Sometimes, if I want to give myself an extra pamper, I’ll also do my nails too, currently they are painted with the CND Shellac in ‘Tinted Love’


The once I am ready for bed, the fairy lights get turned off and the pillow pray comes out. Pillow sprays are one of those things I never knew I needed but as soon as I tried them, I was hooked; now I struggle to sleep without one. My favourite 2 at the moment are from Feather and Down and Marks and Spencer.

What makes your perfect night in?

-Hannah X

Blogmas Day 4| A Paperless Christmas

I love being able to help the environment in any way I can so when Paperless Post* got in touch with me about alternatives to physical Christmas Cards, I was very intrigued. Paperless post is an amazing website that allows you to browse hundreds of themes and designs for not only cards but invites, flyers and posters for any time of year and occasion.

I was completely blown away by the choice of cards and actually struggled to pick one to design but I love a pun card so when I saw the ‘Peas on Earth’ design, I knew that had to be my first one. Once you have have chosen the design, you can begin customising it to suite your very taste.

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 20.30.38





You’re able to change the backdrop that your card will appear against and there were so many brilliant patterns and colours. I wanted to keep mine as simple as possible to make the card stand out but you can get really creative with it. No detail is too small for Paperless post; you’re even able to customise the lining on the inside of the envelope and the stamp/postage marks!

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 20.44.18


Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 20.45.06



Once you are happy with the design, you’re able to chose who to send the card too; I surprised my mum with the first one and she absolutely loved it. I’m so excited to send the rest of my family and friends their own specially designed cards and the best bit about it; it’s perfect for those of us that are looking out for the environment as there is no worry of them being thrown in the bin in the New Year!


– Hannah X


*Dislaimer – This post contains gifted content.

Blogmas Day 3| Christmas Tag

I love tag posts so of course I had to throw one in to blogmas so here goes:


1. What is your favourite Christmas movie? There are too many to pick just 1 so I’m going with my top 3 which are; The Holiday, The Grinch and Elf

2. Do you like to stay in Pyjamas or Dress up for Christmas day? I love dressing up for Christmas and always used to get a new outfit every year (did anyone else do this) As I get older though, I’m happy to stay in a cosy jumper and jeans

3. If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be and why? My mum because she deserves it

4. Do you open your present Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? Always Christmas morning, I know some people have Christmas Eve presents or even boxes but we’ve always saved it for the morning

5. Have you ever built a ginger bread house? No but I’m making it my mission this year, gingerbread is one of my favourite sweet treats

6. What are you most looking forward to this christmas season? Being with all my loved ones Any Christmas wishes? Just for a happy day (is that cliche?)

7. Favourite Christmas smell? Either mulled wine or any kind of food really

8. Favourite Christmas meal or treat? Controversial but I don’t like Christmas pudding so my mum will by me and my sister something different and mine is usually something chocolaty so I always look forward to that

9. How do you traditionally spend your Christmas day? With my mum’s side of the family in the morning and then with my dad’s for dinner in the afternoon

10. Do you open stockings first or presents? Stockings of course

11. When do you put up your tree? Usually right at the start of December

12. Least favourite part of Christmas? This year is going to be hard because it’s the first without my grandad who was my best friend. That’s going to be my least favourite thing

13. Any unusual traditions during your Christmas? I don’t think it’s unusual but we always get new pyjamas for Christmas Eve

14. Favourite childhood Christmas memory? Probably the new pyjamas or the year I got my first ever phone, I think I cried where I was so happy haha!

-Hannah X

Blogmas Day 2| What Christmas means to me

For those that celebrate, Christmas means different things to different people. I’d thought I’d explore a little more into what it means to me.


I come from a very close family which I am so grateful for because it means that holidays like Christmas are extra special. The most important to me isn’t about presents of gifts but being around the people that mean the most to me; that being said, I absolutely looooove spoiling my family and loved ones with gifts, they all deserve the world.

The whole days is spent surrounded by my favourite people and there is always so much love (and food) around and it’s such a magical time. I think that is why Christmas is my favourite time of the year.

Blogmas Day 1| Welcome to Blogmas



I can’t believe that it is finally time for Blogmas; my favourite time of the blogging year. I absolutely loved doing it last year and didn’t even second think doing it again for 2019. Here’s a little bit of what to expect this time around:

  • Gift Guides
  • Beauty
  • Festive Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Tags

I can’t wait and I hope you can’t too. New posts coming week days at 7pm and weekends at 5pm!

-Hannah X