Having a Life Coach

I like to think I’m a pretty open minded person who is up for trying new things; so when my friend Zoe told me her colleague was training to be a life coach and needed people to work on and if I’d be interested, I didn’t really bat an eyelid about saying yes.

I have gone through therapy a few times and thought it would be similar but they are respectively different. Coaching is more about having a goal and finding techniques to stay motivated and work on those achieving those goals. This I think works better for me because instead of just exploring a situation/emotion and talking about it; with coaching you also look to see how you can break down that behaviour and move away from it.

My sessions are done through Skype and from the beginning I have felt so comfortable and able to be as open as possible. When the course started, we discussed exactly what my goal/s are and every week we talk about new techniques to help get me there. It’s great because we recap on the previous 7 days to see what worked and what still needs a bit of improvement.

I love how we have a main goal but little goals come up along the way and they are always something that is very achievable so I feel good when I’ve succeeded. I honestly look forward to the sessions every week and we do them on a monday so I have a focus for the next few days.

Of course I am only one person and my experiences could be completely different from someone else’s but I’d strongly recommend giving it a go. I have learnt so much about myself and can’t wait to see what the rest of my journey is going to teach me.

-Hannah X

Travel With Me: Bath

To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, Jack and I visited the historic town of Bath, Somerset. It’s been somewhere I have wanted to go to for so long so I couldn’t wait to get there.

It was exactly how I imagined it; quaint and full of quiet, cobbled side roads. We arrived last Friday at about half 2 but couldn’t check in to the hotel until 3 so leaving the bags in the car, we decided to go for a little wonder.


I was so surprised by how many independent coffee/tea shops there were and knew I’d have to take advantage of the home made scones they were selling too at some point; but let’s come back to that. We naturally found a pub and ventured in. The pubs there were some of the cosiest I have ever seen so over a pint and glass of wine we planned the rest of our day.


My grandad told me that the one thing I had to do in Bath was visit the Royal Crescent where all of the houses bend round in a semi circle so we decided to do this one first. It was so unlike anything I had seen but was pretty cool and surrounded by a huge park. After a little stroll, we headed back to check in to our room and freshen up for our anniversary dinner.

Saturday, our full day in Bath. We got up pretty early as we knew we wanted to make the most of the day and headed straight for breakfast. After seeing Hannah’s instragrams of her time in Bath, we ventured into Pickled Greens for Toasties and coffee and it was the perfect fuel for our day. I much prefer going to smaller places like that because as well as giving money to smaller businesses, the food and drinks are actually so much nicer and fresher.


On to the Roman baths. You can’t go to Bath without heading into the baths to learn all about the history. It was really cool to see how well everything has been kept and interesting to think about what it used to look like. I love history so this was definitely a highlight for me. Now, remember how I said earlier about taking advantage of the scones, it was time. We found a cute Georgian tea house and went in for a pot of tea and probably the biggest scone I have ever seen. I loved it! The place was decorated perfectly and there was classical music playing throughout. We then had a little look around the shops and the local indoor market before heading back to the hotel to freshen up again for dinner.



Our last morning was so bittersweet because I didn’t want to go home at all but I knew that saying goodbye to this trip meant that we can now get excited for Madrid in October.  We headed for breakfast to set us up for the 3 hour journey home and had one little last wonder around before getting into the car. The journey home wasn’t too bad and we managed to do it in one go. I’ve now been home a week and I am pining to go back so badly!



-Hannah X

Port Lympne Reserve

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I wanted to do something special to celebrate turning 26 so me and Jack took a trip to Port Lympne. I love going to zoos and aquariums so I was so excited to go as I had heard so many good things;  we arrived and I was literally like a 5 year old running from the car park to the main gate!

We started off by going to see the wallabies before making our way to ‘base camp’ to catch the safari. The safari’s run every 15 minutes and take you round the majority of the park and allows you to see the animals up close and personal which is so special. We sat right near the window so we could peek out and get the best views and it was incredible. I completely forgot that I was still in England because you’re completely surrounded by nature and animals, I’m not even kidding, we had to stop to let a giraffe cross the path!

After about 45 minutes, we got to the half way point of the safari where they give you the option to stay on it and go back to base camp or you can get off and walk the rest of the way back which is what we did. As soon as we got off, we found ourselves in the Dinosaur park which was full of scale models of different dinosaurs which Jack absolutely loved; it was like being in a peaceful version of Jurassic Park.

We carried on walking back towards the entrance and stopped off to see a lot of monkeys, some meerkats and the most adorable lion cubs. I knew before we went that they had recently welcomed some cubs but we hadn’t seen them and we were slowly coming to the end of our day so I thought we wouldn’t but as luck should have it; after making friends with some tigers, we found ourselves right in from of a lion, lioness and 3 of the cutest cubs I have ever seen. They were so playful were making the sweetest noise. I think we honestly stood there for about 15 minutes just watching them because they were so precious and it definitely was the highlight of the day for me.

Port Lympne is somewhere I have always wanted to go and I’m so happy that we went and on a special day too; I already want to go back because it was fantastic but I think next time I might suggest staying because the hotel looked stunning.

-Hannah X

Let’s Talk About Smear Tests

Let’s Talk About Smear Tests

The 2 words that make every woman squirm; ‘smear test’.

Growing up, I dreaded the day I hit 25 because I knew it would mean having a cervical cancer screening or a smear test. You hear so much negativity about how it’s painful or uncomfortable and the amount of woman getting them is at an all time low and to be honest I can’t blame them. The thought of laying on a bed, naked from the waist down having a stranger investigate you is a daunting experience and one that I wanted to put off forever.


In the Uk, you receive a letter inviting you for a screening and once you have had it done, you don’t have to re-do it for another 3 years. I received my letters; yes I had received 2 before I did it; last summer and immediately folded them back up and hid them. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. Fast forward to last Monday and I was on the phone to my GP’s booking an appointment. I don’t know what came over me but I finally plucked up the courage to have it done in the week and I wanted to share my experience because I genuinely do believe there needs to be a bigger conversation about it because they can literally save lives and really aren’t as bad as everyone thinks.

So flashback to Wednesday, I arrived at the doctors and followed the nurse down the corridor into the room. There it all was; the form of questions, the bed, the curtain and the swab. Trust me, if I could have left at that moment I would have. The nurse was so lovely, she sat me down and went through a few questions about my last period and when I received my letter etc. She then explained what was going to happen and took me through the curtain so I could get unchanged and in place.

Sitting with your ankles together and your knees apart is never a good look for anyone but believe me when I say nurses do this every day and they genuinely don’t care what it looks like, they are just there to do their job. I’ll be honest, I am the biggest wuss and have no pain tolerance at all so I was expecting the worst. I’d be lying if I said you couldn’t feel anything but it was about a 1.5/10 and it was more discomfort than pain as you could feel the bristles of the swab but that was it. I couldn’t believe how quickly it was over.

The results usually get sent to your home about 2 weeks later. It’s really that easy. I think I was in the room for about 5/10 minutes and most of that time was spent not being prodded; so please, if you haven’t and are of the right age go and get your smear test done. I felt so proud after and it is there to potentially save your life and stop anything cell changes becoming too nasty.


If I can do it, then you definitely can.

– Hannah X

Getting The Perfect Nights Sleep

I am a massive over thinker and often find that night time is the worst because no matter how tired I am, my mind is continuously in over drive worrying about a million different things.

I have tried so many things to try and shut my mind off; including the classic camomile tea but what works for me the most is pillow sprays. I didn’t even realise pillow sprays were a thing until I went to a blogger event and there was kindly one in the goody bag. I tried it out and couldn’t believe I hadn’t used one before.


I have tried a few different ones now, each with different scents but I find that the ones with lavender oil in them work best for me and the one that I have been loving the most is the Sweet Dreams spray by Feather and Down. Every night I look forward to getting into bed and spraying a few squirts of this because honestly I am out like a light in about 5 mins, which is great compared to the 40 it used to take.


It’s mad how much the way you sleep can affect the way you behave and function. I find work can be very stressful and I find it very hard to relax so from now on a pillow spray is a staple in my night time routine and probably equally as important to me as moisturising.

Have you ever tried a pillow spray and what do you think of them?

– Hannah

Hello 2019

Hello, hello!

Wow, it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post. To be completely honest, I got pretty used to scheduled posts going up when they were supposed to during Blogmas and of course I wanted to spend some quality time with my loved ones one the holidays.


But here we are, in a whole new year. My welcome to 2019 was perfect; Jack and I had a cosy night in with a home cooked meal, wine, chocolate and movies. I’ve done the whole going away for New Years and going to parties but it’s definitely more about who you’re with then where you are.

During the Christmas break I thought a lot about what I want to get out of 2019 and the biggest thing out of everything is to be happy. The last few months have been a little bit difficult for me as I have been feeling anxious and finding it too easy to see the negative in every situation and I’m tired of living like that. Of course there are going to be bumps in the road but as long as I am happy and surrounded with my favourite people then that’s all I want.


Of course there are some other achievements that I want to hit this year:

– Pick up a language
I say this a lot but I really wise I could speak a different language, I think it is such a fantastic skill to have. I have tried in the past but usually give up and forget to get back into it. This year I want to really work on my Spanish and French

– Read more
Last year I really made an effort with reading and actually read a lot of good books that I enjoyed and this year I want to do even better. My parents got me a book for Christmas which I have already started so hopefully this sticks

– Grow my blog
I loved taking part in Blogmas and all of the engagement it bought to me and my blog, I really felt part of the blogosphere and I want that more often. I would love to collaborate with other bloggers and brands so hopefully 2019 is the year I can make all of this happen and really grow Hannah’s Little Corner

– Make and document as many memories with my loved ones
For someone with a Photography degree, I really don’t take photos as often as I should so this year I am determined to photography and document as much as possible. I don’t want to forget any other 2019’s great memories

What are your goals for 2019?

-Hannah X

Blogmas Day 24| Christmas Outfit

Ah, I can’t believe this is the last Blogmas post of 2018; its been hard keeping up with sharing my posts and promoting them but I have loved every single minute of it and want to say a massive thank you if you have read any of my posts.

Growing up, I have always dressed up for Christmas; I’m not really sure why but I love it. Usually I like to go out and get a whole new outfit (how extra) but this year I have chosen to wear the dress I wore to my sisters graduation which I absolutely love!



Do you dress up or keep it casual for Christmas?
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and festive period and all the love for 2019

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 23| Christmas Eve Routine

Ah, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I can’t believe it! Working in retail for 6 years meant that I often missed out on Christmas Eve because I would always be working, helping to set up for the Boxing Day sales. Last year was my first Boxing Day off in a long time and I took full advantage of it and pretty much did nothing but eat left over food and binge watch as many Christmas films as possible and I have a feeling that tomorrow will be no different.


During the day I plan on staying inside in my comfy clothes wrapping my last few presents and catching up on any films I haven’t watched yet; is it bad I haven’t watched the Grinch this year. Then after having dinner, I always like to change me bed sheets, have a bubble bath and get into some PJs. Every year, as a tradition, my mum will buy some new Pyjamas for us as this year is no exception.

Once I am all cosy, I usually get into bed and start to unwind, after all, you have to be asleep early to you don’t see Santa. My parent stay us to watch midnight mass and then by the time that’s over, we are al ticked up lady for the big day.

What are you Christmas Eve plans?

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 20| Have a Lush Christmas

We all know how much I love Lush, and Christmas, so put those 2 things together and we have the perfect combination. There are so many pretty Lush items this season so here are some of my favourites.

Magic Wand – this is probably my favourite, I mean look at it; it’s so pretty!

Snow Fairy – Hands dow the best smell in the world – now in bath bomb form

Princess Bomb – How adorable

Candy Cane – Definitely my favourite ‘new’ product

What are your favourite festive goodies from Lush?

– Hannah X

Blogmas Day 19| Christmas in London

I am very lucky to live in the capital city but I’ll be honest, I often take it for granted because it’s always there and I only go to specific places as and when I need too. That being said, I love London and even more so when it’s the build up to Christmas. It’s so special and pretty. Me and Mum went into the city to explore the sights and I wanted to share a the special spots that I love the most.

My mum used to work near Fortnum and Mason’s, the department store off of Regent’s street and she has always taken us in there so she’s passed her love for it onto me. I love strolling around there anyway but there is something extra special about it at Christmas.

My favourite spot to go to is Covent Garden, purely for the massive Christmas tree that they have in the middle. It’s so pretty as it sit on the cobbles. While we were there, we also popped into the new Tiffany and Co store which was decorated with the most beautiful decorations that were all in the classic Tiffany blue colour.

Where’s your favourite place to visit in London at Christmas time?

– Hannah X