Makeup Revolution Halloween Party

Once again, I am writing this blog post after having the best night at the annual Makeup Revolution Halloween party. Last night’s party theme was Alice in Wonderland and was held at the National History Museum in London (I know, it was definitely the coolest party I have ever been too)


As always, I took my sister with me and we were completely blown away. After dropping our bags off in the cloakroom, we walked through a keyhole into the main party, which was literally like walking into Wonderland. There were two make up stations either side of the entrance that were offering complimentary halloween makeovers and the bar in the middle was placed neatly under a giant tower of paying cards. There were people on stilts dressed as the queen of hearts and her flamingo croquet sticks and the dance floor was surrounded by roses and mushroom; I actually forgot that we were still in the middle of a museum.

We headed over to the bar to get a drink and we saw that the glasses either had playing cards attached to them or little labels that said ‘Drink Me’, honestly the attention to detail was amazing. We grabbed a glass of prosecco and made our way around the venue to see what else was there. There was a stage set up For Tokio Myers to perform who was incredible. I don’t watch the X Factor so I wasn’t sure what to expect but he was great.

The whole evening was fantastic, Holly got her make up done and we spent the rest of the night dancing and meeting other bloggers; it was great to see everyones outfits and makeup and to celebrate how far the Revolution brand has come.


I had such a good night and I already can’t wait for next year. Thank you to the Makeup Revolution team for the invite and for putting on a fantastic event.

– Hannah X

Hello 2018




I hope you all had the best time celebrating with loved ones and are ready for all of the adventures that lie ahead in 2018. I spent the New Year with some of my favourite people in Barcelona and while I was away, I thought about what I want to achieve from this new year and what I want my resolutions to be.

Blogging – when I first started my blog, I used to post 2 or more times a week and was so involved with the community but over the last year I really fell out of love with it. It was hard to find something engaging to write about and I just lacked any kind of motivation. Well; that’s (hopefully) going to change in 2018. I might not go back to posting 2 times a week, but I definitely want to make more of an effort to keep my blog active and get some kind on content up online.


Learn a Language – This is something I’ve wanted to do for so long but never made time for it. Some of my best friends now live in Spain so I want to learn Catalan so when I go out there, they don’t have to constantly translate for me.


Read More – It’s no secret that I don’t read…ever and it’s always something that I say I want to get in to but never do. Last year I read 4 book (which is a huge deal for me) and I want to keep that going. I actually find it relaxes me quite a bit, especially if I read on the train to work. I’m currently reading Me Before You so I’m starting off on the right foot, let’s see how long it lasts.


Take Polaroids – A couple of years ago, my sister bought me a polaroid camera and I used to use it all the time but lately, it’s been collecting dust on my bed side table. I love polaroids and want to document as much of this year as possible so instead of just taking pictures on my phone or my digital camera, I want to start getting more use out of my little instax.


Travel – such a cliche but I want to make this the year of trips and I don’t necessarily mean big holidays, but little weekends away to different parts of the UK. For Christmas, my boyfriend got me one of those maps thats you scratch off where you’ve been so I want to start putting that to good use.


What are you plans/goals for 2018?

-Hannah X

Procrastinating with Monarch Airlines

After a busy day at work, the first thing I do when I get home is get my pyjamas on and open my laptop to binge watch Netflix for hours, while scrolling endlessly through social media. (I’ve actually got Netflix on in the back ground on while I’m writing this)

It’s so easy to waste time and procrastinate instead of seizing each minute and living life fully. To celebrate their new campaign ‘Flights Quicker Than‘; Monarch Arlines have challenged me to spend less time sitting in front of a screen and spend that time doing something I’ve always wanted to do but ‘never have time for’. For a week, I made a conscious effort to do the things I’ve always wanted.

Pamper Nights

I normally make Sundays my pamper night, where I have a Lush bath and do a face mask and just relax myself before the week starts but last week I think I had about 3 pamper nights, which is definitely something I’m going to do more often. Little things like that really make you feel better and out you in a much better mindset.



Getting Lost in a Book

I don’t read, and it’s something that I always say I want to get in to. I love the idea of spending a few hours getting lost in a story and letting your imagination run wild. I recently purchased an illustrated version of my favourite story; Peter Pan and I finally started reading it. It was so nice to switch off in the evenings and let my mind wander.



Taking Photographs

I have a Photography Degree but the amount of time that I spend taking pictures has seriously decreased. I flicked through my favourite photography book to get some inspo and one night after work, I went around with my polaroid camera to take some photographs. I love how happy it makes me and its something I need to spend more time doing.



After working out how many hours a day I actually waste binge watching ‘How to Get Away with Murder’; Monarch calculated where I could have gone on holiday and it’s pretty amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 21.25.22.png

I’m not reconsidering how I spend my time because I realise, I waste so much. I’m also now desperate to fly somewhere. If you want to see where you could fly to with all the time you procrastinate, you can here.

-Hannah X

Scrubee by Lush

If you scroll through my blog, it is no surprise how much I love Lush and you’ve guessed it, I’m back to talk about another product of theirs that I have become obsessed with. Introducing…Scrubee!


“Meet Scrubee – the newest buffer on the block.
With all that hydrating honey and cocoa butter he may seem like a real softy, but don’t underestimate his polishing power – he’s packed full of ground coconut shells and ground almonds to give you a gentle, effective exfoliation.”



My skin has been feeling a little dull and dry lately so while I was in the bath, I used Scrubee to exfoliate my arms and legs to get rid of any dry skin and give me some much needed moisture. The outer layers of cocoa butter broke down to reveal the coconut shells, which worked their magic without leaving my skin feeling irriated. When I washed the shells off, my skin was left feeling so soft a smelling delicious, which was thanks to the cocoa butter. I always look forward to using Scrubee because of how great it leaves my skin feeling definitely think everyone needs one in their life.

Have you tried Scrubee yet?

-Hannah X

Spa Day with Clarins

After possibly the worst start to 2017, I was beyond excited when two lovely ladies from Clarins at Intu Lakeside came into work to offer Lakeside employees a free treatment. We were able to choose between a facial and a massage so I opted for the massage as I have been feeling really tense lately and wanted some tlc.16651521_10154998011719244_1293940561_o.jpg


Upon arrival, the lovely Sara greeted me and sat me down on one of the two leather treatment chairs. She asked me what areas of my back I felt the most tense and broke down each step of the massage to me and the benefits it would have. I was a bit sceptical because the Beauty Bar was right in the middle of Debenhams and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to completely zone out and get relaxed but I was wrong.

Sara started on the left side of my back as I explained this was where I carry bags and weight and felt the most tense. She then moved over to the right side and then upwards toward the bottom of my neck and head. I was expecting the massage to stop after my scalp but Sara finished off with massaging my hands which I thought was such a nice way to end the treatment.


I was actually so sad when the treatment ended, it was just what I needed. I completely forgot that I was in the middle of Debenhams and I walked out feeling so relaxed and eager to book in for a full length 30 minute treatment. Sara was also nice enough to give me a little goody bag of some Clarins facial products to try which was such a nice gesture.

Have you ever had a treatment at a Clarins Beauty Bar?

-Hannah X

Perfect Winter Lip Colours

When Winter hits, I get so excited to start bringing out the dark red/berry lip colours; I feel like they complete any winter outfit. I was having a sort out of my lipsticks and had to share my ‘go to’ winter shades!

Rimmel London – Kate Moss 107


Rimmel London – Kate Moss 37


Rimmel London – Kate Moss 30


Avon – Red 2000



What are your favourite Winter lipsticks?

-Hannah X

Freedom Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

I always play it safe when it comes to makeup, I know what products I like and work well for me and I usually stick to them. However, that being said, I have always wanted to try the correcting concealers to see if they could really cover my horrific under eye circles and red marks from past spots. Since I am a massive fan of Makeup Revloution and Freedom, it only seemed right to get Freedom’s Pro Conceal and Correct Palette.


Initially, the whole thing kind of freaked me out, I mean what colour does what and where do you put it? Well after some help from Google, I finally figured it out and felt like I was ready to correct my face! I use the pick colour for under my eye and oh my goodness the difference! It really just brightens up my eyes and makes me look so much more awake.

I use the green colour over any blemishes or spots I have to reduce the redness so they aren’t as obvious and I do actually find that it does keep them quite hidden for the day. The only other colour that I really use is the white one for highlighting. I have so many different highlighters but this one if unreal; I mean, I would happily keep buying the palette just for the highlighter; it’s that beautiful.


I find all the colour so creamy and easy to blend and work with and they are now a permanent part of my makeup routine.

-Hannah X

I Am A Girl’s Girl

The Girls’ Girl club is a great online place for women to empower women. Being part of the blogging community, I think it is so important that we listen to other people’s ideas and compliment our fellow bloggers on the work they have created. Honestly, there is no better feeling then someone telling you they liked your latest post.

The Girl’s Girl Club got in contact and asked me to share my major girls moment and what I believe is the best thing about being a girl; so I would definitely have to say that #IAmAGirlsGirl because I am all about complimenting other girls on their blog work. The best thing about being a girl for me (apart from the ability to create little humans) is being able to dress up and play around with makeup.


To celebrate getting involved with the the club, they also sent me the coolest t-shirt from so of course I had to go with the pug one! I love it! You can get involved with the girls’ girl club by using #IAmAGirlsGirl across all social media.

-Hannah X

The Bloggers Hangout Summer Hangout Event

I love going to events that are organised and hosted by The Bloggers Hangout and when I received the email to say there was a Summer Hangout event, I knew that I needed to go.


The event was hosted at The Strand Gallery near Charing Cross station and featured a whole host of amazing brands that I couldn’t wait to learn about. Every single brand that was there were so eager to tell us bloggers about their products and what they do and they kindly gave us some goodies that we could try out. I really enjoy events like this, where you can directly speak and network with the brand because some of the brands an d companies are ones that I have never heard of before and I love trying out new products. Some of the brands that featured at the event were;














The event was so much fun and it was great to network with brands and bloggers alike and I honestly can’t wait for the next Bloggers Hangout Event.

-Hannah X