HOW TO: Cosy Night In


There is nothing I prefer more than having a cosy night in, especially when it is cold and miserable outside; like it has been recently, so here are my top 5 ‘must dos’ for any night in. This blog post is also a collaboration with and so go and make sure you read their posts after to see what they do for a perfect night in.


Run a Bath

This is a pretty standard part of my nightly routine but if I was to have a pamper night, I usually add some lush bath bombs, put on a face mask and, if I really want to relax myself, I light a scented candle and turn the light off…bliss!


Clean Pyjamas 

Honestly, is there a better feeling than getting out of the bath or shower and putting on a clean pair of pjs? It’s honestly one of my favourite things to do.


Cup of Tea of Hot Chocolate

Once you’ve gotten into your clean pjs, the next step is to get a hot drink. Depending on the time, I usually go for either a cup of tea or a hot chocolate; I’m currently obsessed with the Cadbury Wispa Gold one, its incredible!



The essential for any night in; snacks! Popcorn or something savoury like crisps, but if you’re like me and have a sweet tooth, a bit of chocolate always goes down a treat too.



Once you’ve got your drinks and snacks, then its the last step. Get into bed or curl up on the sofa and watch countless films or binge watch a series on Netflix.



And there you go; 5 steps to achieve the perfect cosy night in! What do you do when you’re having a night in? Also make sure you go and check out the lovely and!

** All pictures are from Tumblr, except for the header, which Yasmin made**

-Hannah X

Lush Cosmetics Tag

Lush logo centre

I was tagged by my two favourite blogging sisters; Lauren and Rachel from TheFlowerThatBlooms to do the Lush Cosmetics Tag. With Lush being one of my favourite companies, I had to do it; so here goes!


What was your first…

1) Lush Bath Bomb?

Oh gosh, I can’t remember. I think it was Honey Bee

2) Lush Bubble Bar?

Creamy Candy Bar;  it’s my mums favourite so when I was younger, I always used to beg her to let me use a bit

3) Lush Massage Bar?


Strawberry Feels, I love it!

4) Lush Kitchen Item?


Queue the most shocking statement ever- I’ve never ordered from the Lush Kitchen. I much prefer going into the store and picking the items I want. I love talking to the people that work there about what each product does

5) Lush Shower Gel/Cream?


Snow Fairy. Why do they only bring that out at Christmas time, it smells incredible

6) Lush Shower Jelly?


I’ve never tried one, definitely putting it on my next Lush shopping list!

7) Lush Fresh Facemask?

Cup O’ Coffee, it makes me skin feel amazing and the smell is to die for

8) Lush Bar of Soap:

Layer cake, the colours are so pretty

What is your favourite…

1) Lush Store?

Oxford Street! 3 floors of pure heaven

2) Lush Bath Bomb?

Frozen and Intergalactic, I think its the glitter in them.

3) Lush Bubble Bar?


Pop in the Bath is always a classic for me. I also love Holly GoLightly but they only bring that out once a year 😦

4) Lush Massage Bar?


Strawberry Feels is the only one I’ve tried

5) Lush Kitchen Item?

*Placing first order soon*

6) Lush Shower Gel?

Easy, Snow Fairy!

7) Lush Shower Jelly?


Top of my list to buy next as I’ve never used one

8) Lush Facemask?

Cup O’ Coffee, ah I can’t fault it, I love love it

9) What Lush products would you like to see come back/haven’t tried yet?


Space Girl needs to come back, the smell of that was so nice!

Disney Princess Tag

Happy New Year!

Since I spend 100% of my time wishing I was a Disney Princess, I thought it was only fitting that my first post of 2016 is The Disney Princess Tag.


Which Princess do you adore most?

Belle! She’s always been my favourite, ever since I was little.



Which Princess do you like the least?

Controversial but Cinderella, I’m not a fan



Which Princess do you relate too most?

Probably Ariel (also because I want to be a mermaid)



Which sidekick do you wish you had?

Mushu, he makes me laugh so much, and I’d love to wake up every morning with porridge that is happy to see me



Which best friend would you want to hang out with?

Charlotte La Bouff, I’d steal all of her dresses!



Which Prince would love you?

Flynn Rider, I mean come on!



Which parents would raise you?

Probably Merida’s they seem really cool although I can’t understand Scottish accents to well haha



Which Castle do you want to live in?

100% Sleeping Beauty’s but from Disneyland Paris. It’s so pretty



Which town do you wish you lived in?

New Orleans seems pretty nice



Which dress you do you wish to own?

Belle’s yellow dress, it’s like the ultimate princess dress



Which voice do you wish you had?

Ariel please so I can sing while sitting on rocks in the ocean



Which two Princesses would be best friends?

I think Rapunzel and Ariel would be good pal, they are always looking to explore new places



Which two princesses do you think would hate each other?

Cinderella and me hahah


Which two sidekicks would make a good due?

Mushu and Pascal, please someone turn that into a film haha.


Which two Princes would be best buds?


Prince Charming and Prince Phillip, they both seem quite similar

What scene makes you cry?

The Ballroom Dance in Beauty and the Beast.



What scene makes you cheer?

When Rapunzel gets reunited with her parents, I cry all the happy tears


What scene makes you cringe most?

None, all the Princess movies are cute.

Which story do you wish was your life?

Probably Mulan because she went out and fought for what she wanted. You go girl!



Which movie do you love most?

Beauty and the Beast


Kiehls Event


When I found out that Alix from ICovetThee and Suzie from HelloOctober were hosting a event at Kiehls, I knew that I had to go and when I was chosen to attend, I was so excited.

Being a complete newbie when it comes to Kiehls, I had no idea what to expect, so I trotted down to their Regents Street store optimistic and excited for the night ahead. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the lovely staff, a PhotoBooth and lots of amazing products that I wouldn’t wait to learn about.

After having met some lovely bloggers/youtubers while waiting, we were then ushered to a seating area to have a Q and A session with Alix and Suzie before being able to meet the girls and take lots of selfies. I then went over to talk to one of the Kiehls experts to chat about my skin and what products they could recommend me to make my skin beautiful!

Of course, I had to go into the PhotoBooth; so me and one of the girls I met on the night, Mollie got in line. There were two baskets full of hats, glasses and other props so in-between each shot, we rushed to pick the next item which was the funniest thing! At the end of the night, we were kindly giveen a goodie bag to take away full of some lovely bits that I cannot wait to try. I have a feeling that I am going to completely full in love and become Kiehls obsessed.

Thank you Alix and Suzie for hosting such a fun night, I had a great time and met so many lovely new friends!

-Hannah X

The Christmas Tag

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
Oh my, theres so many that I love; Elf is my ultimate favourite but I also really like The Holiday, The Grinch and Home Alone
2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Always Christmas morning
3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
As a kid, we always used to go to the Zoo on Christmas eve where we also got to meet Santa. It was the best thing and now I want to go to the zoo haha
4. Favourite festive food?
Mince Pies definitely. I’ve had them since late September, I love then that much
5. Favourite Christmas gift?
Definitely when we went to Disneyland Paris between Christmas and New Year. Honestly, is there anything better than Christmas and Disney combined!
6. Favourite Christmas scent?
Even though I don’t like it, I really love the smell of Cinnamon. Oh, and Gingerbread
7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Yes! Well, its not something that we do, but every Christmas eve, we all get a new pair of pyjamas to wear. It’s definitely one of my favourite things about Christmas

8. What tops your tree?
An Angel

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I’ve never really asked for anything but I’ve always wanted a dog. Still 22 years later and no dog 😦

10. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
As cheesy as it sounds, being around family and everyone being so happy
Whats your favourite thing about Christmas and do you have any traditions?
-Hannah X

Perfect Stocking Fillers for £10


Christmas is right around the corner, so here a 5 gifts all under £10 which are perfect as stocking fillers or secret santa present or even for treating yourself.

Sheep Hot Water Bottle: New Look –  £9.99

Make Up Revolution Brushes: Superdrug – £4.95

Zoella Wonder Hand Moisturing Hand Cream:Superdrug – £5.50

Cream Cable Knit Bobble Hat: Primark – £3.00

Make Up Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow Palette: Superdrug – £8.00

Have you finished all your Christmas shopping yet?

-Hannah X

Intu Lakeside Christmas Event


Christmas is probably my favourite time of the year; so when Voice Communications invited me to visit Intu Lakeside’s Christmas street, I couldn’t say yes quick enough.

This year, Intu Lakeside have gone bigger and better with helping customers get into the festive spirit by creating ‘Christmas Street’ which makes you feel as though you are wondering around the winter markets in Germany.

As you walk out of the centre, you are greeted by the sounds of Christmas music and obviously some Frozen songs thrown in too; which fits in nicely with the giant Frozen snow globe that you get into for a photo with Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

There are also game stands and rides for Children which looked so fun, but being 22, it wasn’t exactly acceptable to have a go haha. As well as rides, and games, there are lots of stalls around the outside which sell all the things you expect from a Christmas market including; mulled wine and beer, bratwurst and burgers, crepes and hot chocolate and probably my favourite stand, the sweet stand!

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without Santa’s Grotto but this year, Intu Lakeside have really upped their game. Not only is the grotto in the shape of a cute little cottage but the inside waiting area is all interactive to keep kids entertained while they wait, which isn’t usually any longer than 10 minutes!


After seeing Santa, we wondered around the area to see exactly what was on offer, so obviously I went straight to the sweets and chocolate. I had the nicest hot chocolate I have ever had, I’m not even joking; it was Cadbury hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and gingerbread. I’m actually craving some right now!

It was such a lovely night, such a good atmosphere and it was so nice to meet Michelle from MichelleLousieLove. Thanks again for the invitation Voice Communications!

-Hannah X

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Box

IMG_5750Praire Charms is a company that sells the most beautiful accessories and a company that I have loved for a while. Since I became a part of their blogging team, my love for the company and the people that run it has grown so much.


As well as selling beautiful handmade accessories, they also offer a subscription box which the blogging teams help design and curate. The minute I found out about it, I knew I had to get involved and buy one. The boxes contain lots of goodies from hair accessories to little trinkets and jewellery. I received my first ever box this month which was ‘Enchanted’ themed and I fell in love with everything that was inside. The box was so beautifully presented with a handwritten thank you card, lots of ‘enchanted’ confetti and tissue paper.

Seraphina Velvet Knot Wrap Luna Leatherette Hair Bow Hazel Custom Knot Tie Back Anya Butterfly Head Band Duo

Pandora Evil Eye Bracelet Hermonie Wand Necklace Solace Midi Ring

Merida Candy Skull Wax Melts (Gingerbread scented) The Sweet Hostess Sugar Swizzle Stick Rosalie Quote Card
Thanks again for the lovely box Prairie Charms!

NU Skin Event

The new ageLOC ME launching in 2016.

I love changing up my skin care routine and trying out new products so when Nu Skin kindly invited me to their event in London, I couldn’t say no. Nu Skin are a skin care company originally from Utah who specialise is luxury, anti ageing products but also provide amazing cosmetics.

The event was held at the Rosewood Hotel in London (yes, I spent the whole time thinking I was in PLL, trying to hide from A haha) which was honestly, the most amazing hotel I have ever seen in my life. Upon arrival, we were offered some drinks which were choice of prosecco or Elderflower; I obviously went with the prosecco so I could look sophisticated. Immediately, we were greeted by the warm smiles from the NU Skin team, who were so lovely and really made us feel welcomed.

We all sat round a long tables and were told all about the company and the products that they sell. We also got a run down of some of the goodies that got to take home so we knew exactly what they were and how they would benefit our skin. We then just sat around the table talking to each other and learning more about the company.


Around the room, there were lots of products laid out so that we could sample them. There was a whole table dedicated to make up and their ‘epoch’ range which is a range of hair/skin care which helps those in need by sending donations from each sale to developing countries. As well as this, NU Skin also replant and trees/plants that they extract for their products which, to me, is so important as it shows they are environmentally aware.

IMG_5673 IMG_5675

There were tables with booths around them which they had set up as mini spas so we could try out their skin care and really relax as we tested out all the products that were on offer. While we were trying out the products, the lovely NU Skin ladies were on hand to offer lots of advice and information.


I had such a lovely time at the NU Skin event and I have completely fallen in love with their products; there is literally something for everyone from people in their 20s like me to people who are in their 50/60s. I have been using some of their skin care for the past few days and I have already noticed that my skin feels so much softer and healthier. I would definitely recommend giving their products ago as I really feel like I am giving my skin a pamper and some much needed TLC when I use them. All products can be purchased from the NU Skin website 

Thank you again for inviting me NU Skin!

-Hannah X

Wagamama Event


Recently, my local Wagamama had a bit of a refurb, so to celebrate that and the launch of some new dishes, I was kindly invited to see the new layout and try the new meals.

Me and about 4 other bloggers all sat round a table and had a talk from the manager Roger and the Head Chef who was going to be preparing our food for us about the new foods and all the changes they have recently made. I’m a massive Wagamama fan but I usually always order the same things so I was looking forward to trying something new.

IMG_5621 IMG_5627 IMG_5632 IMG_5638

We began by having some of the starts/sides which included pork and duck gyoza’s, chilli squid, raw salad and their ebi katsu. They were all so tasty but my favourite was definitely the chilli squid. After the starters, we got served some of the new main dishes which were the seafood ramen, steak ramen and the sirloin and shitake salad which was definitely my favourite.

IMG_5641 IMG_5645 IMG_5649 IMG_5652

It was so nice to try out some new foods which I will definitely be going back to try and so lovely to meet some new bloggers who made the night so enjoyable.