Lanzarote Style Diary

I had the best holiday to Lanzarote with my two best friends and one of the highlights was spending the evenings getting ready to go out for the night. Obviously, we couldn’t get dressed up without taking a few pictures on the balcony so here is my Lanzarote style diary.





What are your go to holiday styles?

– Hannah X


Hand Luggage Must Haves

Summer means one thing, holiday and as you’re reading this, I am on the way to Lanzarote with my best friends! I am the biggest over packer ever, (seriously, if you saw my case, you’d think I was going away for a month not a week) so I thought I’d share my hand luggage must haves.


  1. Phone and Headphone

I get bored pretty quickly on flights so a good playlist and a few games to keep me entertained is a must – literally a child

2. Books

Holiday is pretty much the only time that I read so I always carry a book in my hand luggage

3. Money and Passport

The most important things!



What are your hand luggage must haves?

-Hannah X

Doing Things Alone

Recently I went to see my favourite musician in concert; John Mayer. It was the 3rd time I had seen him live and I was beyond excited but this time was different to the last 2; this time I went alone. When the tickets went on sale, I didn’t even bat an eyelid about only getting one ticket because the only thing I cared about was seeing my favourite artist live.

Nearer the time, while I was blissfully telling the girls at work about how excited I was to be going to my first concert of 2017; I was greeted with the question of ‘who are you going with’ and when I told them, I could see the bewilderment in their eyes because “omg, you’re going alone?!” I naively responded with the classic and cliche “life’s too short and no one I know likes him enough to pay £60 for a ticket so why should I miss out?”; but it did get me thinking about the whole stigma surrounding doing things alone.


The excitement I had leading up to the event was enough to mask any anticipation I had but the minute I stepped on the tube, I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous as the realisation of what I was doing hit me. I mean, you might be reading this and think I’m over reacting but apart from the odd shopping trip or appointment, I’ve never really done anything by myself before. I had the day off work so I decided to take myself off to the O2 a little earlier so I could grab some dinner and a few drinks before heading in to the arena.

From the moment I walked through the O2 doors, I felt like I was walking around with a flashing arrow that screamed the word ‘ALONE’ for everyone to see; but I walked my way through the groups of friends and loved up couples and headed to get food. I sat down and halfway through dinner, rang my sister to have some form of human communication; during which she informed me that the reason people were looking at me funny was probably because it looked like I was on a date and had been stood up.

Still with a couple of hours to go before even the support act, I headed to the Sky bar to get myself a much needed cocktail, which again I thought was a good idea before I actually did it. I orderd my drink and found a table in a quiet corner but it wasn’t long before I was surrounded by couples, families and groups of friends. Desperately trying not to look like a complete loner, I whipped out my phone and messaged my friends who I knew I could rely on to keep me company until it was time to go in.

Once I was inside and the lights went off, it was a completely different story; I wasn’t bothered about being on my own or what people were thinking. I was just so happy to be in that arena, singing along to my favourite songs; in fact I completely forgot that I was sitting next to a complete stranger.

I think my mind definitely went into overdrive and thought I stuck out being alone more than I actually did. To be honest, I would probably go to a concert alone again, just maybe eat before I go haha.


Have you ever gone to a concert or done anything alone?

-Hannah X

The Perfect Foundation


I have always struggled to find a foundation to suit me and my skin. They are either too matte and make my skin look super dry and cling to every dry patch I have or they are too dewy and make me look oily. It’s hard because my skin changes all the time and I never really know what to do for the best. After hearing that they rebranded and formulated an old favourite of mine I decided to give the new Bourjois Healthy Mix a go and thought it would be my saviour but I couldn’t get on with it; I just found that it oxidised around my nose and moved within a few hours, not ideal!


I was really starting to give up, but my friend Zoe told me to go to Boots and get colour matched by No.7 as she had been loving their Stay Perfect foundation. I was a bit nervous because I had been colour matched in Boots before and they matched me so wrong I ended up with a foundation 3 shades darker than I needed but I went and got colour matched. The lovely lady at the No.7 counter removed some of my makeup and used this really cool machine which she held to my cheek and it instantly brought up my shade which was Callico; which surprise surprise is their lightest shade haha. I was so eager to try it the next morning and I haven’t looked back since. The shade is a perfect match for my skin and gives a dewy finish without it looking too oily and with a bit of powder it stays put all day which is amazing. I have actually had a few compliments since wearing this foundation too which is always nice. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to try a No.7 foundation but I will definitely be sticking with this one for a while.


Have you ever tried a No.7 foundation?

-Hannah X

Makeup Revolution’s 3rd Birthday

Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite makeup brands so when I received an invite to their 3rd birthday, I jumped at the chance to go. As always, I arrived at the venue pretty much as soon as the door opened, so while I waited for some friends I took a browse at all of the Tam Beauty products that were displayed in glass cases around the room. I got so excited looking at some of the new Revolution products, they are so stunning and just scream Charlotte Tilbury at me.


After meeting up with Pao, Harriet, Megan, Sophie and Victoria it was time to really get into the party mood. We naturally found a Photo Booth that created gifs so we were engrossed with that for ages and must have made about 6 or 7 different ones haha

It was so nice to see Adam, the owner of Makeup Revolution and get to mingle with so many great bloggers and just dance the night away. I had such a fab night and definitely made some friends for life!


Thank you for the invite MUR

-Hannah X

Scrubee by Lush

If you scroll through my blog, it is no surprise how much I love Lush and you’ve guessed it, I’m back to talk about another product of theirs that I have become obsessed with. Introducing…Scrubee!


“Meet Scrubee – the newest buffer on the block.
With all that hydrating honey and cocoa butter he may seem like a real softy, but don’t underestimate his polishing power – he’s packed full of ground coconut shells and ground almonds to give you a gentle, effective exfoliation.”



My skin has been feeling a little dull and dry lately so while I was in the bath, I used Scrubee to exfoliate my arms and legs to get rid of any dry skin and give me some much needed moisture. The outer layers of cocoa butter broke down to reveal the coconut shells, which worked their magic without leaving my skin feeling irriated. When I washed the shells off, my skin was left feeling so soft a smelling delicious, which was thanks to the cocoa butter. I always look forward to using Scrubee because of how great it leaves my skin feeling definitely think everyone needs one in their life.

Have you tried Scrubee yet?

-Hannah X