Antique Fair

Near where I live, there is an antique fair which is full of little stalls and buildings selling all kinds of trinkets, furniture and other nik naks. I took a trip down there with my mum, aunt and sister to see if there were any goodies we could find. There was a wide range of little, quaint shops that were selling all kinds of old antiques from jewellery, tea sets and furniture. I love looking at old items and thinking about the stories that come with them, most of the items are full of history and it always makes me think about the things we use today  and whether or not they will be classed as antiques in the future. We began our day by looking around the garden section at outdoor furniture and plants which were surrounding a beautiful pond. 11774696_10153462172474244_674031287_n 11758783_10153462172714244_1141722897_n

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