Blogmas Day 12| Stress Free Shopping

This time of year is stressful enough but then add on the shopping! I always try to make the whole experience as stress free as possible so I thought I’d share some of my top tips.


  1. Write a list – I love writing lists and keeping organised and this definitely helps me stay as relaxed as possible. I usually write down everyone that I need to buy for with a few ideas and a budget so I can make sure I pick accordingly. It’s great because then you know who is done and who is left and honestly, is there any better feeling than physically crossing something off of your to-do list? No.

   2. Avoid peak shopping times – If I am venturing to a shopping centre, I always try to do it in and evening after work when it is quieter than normal. I mean Christmas shopping on a Saturday is a no go for me, I find it way too over whelming but doing it in an evening is much more relaxed. Also, the shopping centre near me stays open until 11pm so I know I have more than enough time to get everything done.

 3. Shop online – Probably the best idea is to shop online. I mean whats better than growing the whole store from the confront of your sofa and pyjamas and then to have it delivered to your door; perrrrrrfect!

Blogmas Day 11|Favourite Festive Candles

It’s no secret that I love scented candles, I mean who doesn’t so here’s a peak at some of my favourite festive scents.




Yankee Candle ‘Christmas Eve’

Marks and Spencer’s ‘White Apple and Spice’

Avon ‘ Winter Spice’

Ralph Lauren ‘White Pine’

Blogmas Day 9|Festive Night In

I am a self confessed Grandma who loves a night in so when you can make it festive then why not. Usually, any night in for me will include a good skin care routine, I love that squeaky clean feeling and you can read all about that in Blogmas day 14


Usually then, I will go to the kitchen and make a hot chocolate and grab a snack which of course had to be a mince pie for this time of year. Drinks and snacks go, and it’s time for films and TV; which Netflix have been great for recently; I’ve already watched Elf and The Grinch countless times. Sometimes, if I want to give myself an extra pamper, I’ll also do my nails too, currently they are painted with the CND Shellac in ‘Tinted Love’


The once I am ready for bed, the fairy lights get turned off and the pillow pray comes out. Pillow sprays are one of those things I never knew I needed but as soon as I tried them, I was hooked; now I struggle to sleep without one. My favourite 2 at the moment are from Feather and Down and Marks and Spencer.

What makes your perfect night in?

-Hannah X

Blogmas Day 5| Best festive nail designs

I’m quite boring when it comes to my nails, I usually stick to one colour and if I’m going all out, I might add a bit of glitter to one of my fingers. That being said, I love looking at other people’s nail designs so I’ve found a few of my favourites to show you

Instagram – @Nischanails92
Instagram – @nails_byev
Instagram – @safinails

Blogmas Day 4| A Paperless Christmas

I love being able to help the environment in any way I can so when Paperless Post* got in touch with me about alternatives to physical Christmas Cards, I was very intrigued. Paperless post is an amazing website that allows you to browse hundreds of themes and designs for not only cards but invites, flyers and posters for any time of year and occasion.

I was completely blown away by the choice of cards and actually struggled to pick one to design but I love a pun card so when I saw the ‘Peas on Earth’ design, I knew that had to be my first one. Once you have have chosen the design, you can begin customising it to suite your very taste.

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 20.30.38





You’re able to change the backdrop that your card will appear against and there were so many brilliant patterns and colours. I wanted to keep mine as simple as possible to make the card stand out but you can get really creative with it. No detail is too small for Paperless post; you’re even able to customise the lining on the inside of the envelope and the stamp/postage marks!

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 20.44.18


Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 20.45.06



Once you are happy with the design, you’re able to chose who to send the card too; I surprised my mum with the first one and she absolutely loved it. I’m so excited to send the rest of my family and friends their own specially designed cards and the best bit about it; it’s perfect for those of us that are looking out for the environment as there is no worry of them being thrown in the bin in the New Year!


– Hannah X


*Dislaimer – This post contains gifted content.

Blogmas Day 3| Christmas Tag

I love tag posts so of course I had to throw one in to blogmas so here goes:


1. What is your favourite Christmas movie? There are too many to pick just 1 so I’m going with my top 3 which are; The Holiday, The Grinch and Elf

2. Do you like to stay in Pyjamas or Dress up for Christmas day? I love dressing up for Christmas and always used to get a new outfit every year (did anyone else do this) As I get older though, I’m happy to stay in a cosy jumper and jeans

3. If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be and why? My mum because she deserves it

4. Do you open your present Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? Always Christmas morning, I know some people have Christmas Eve presents or even boxes but we’ve always saved it for the morning

5. Have you ever built a ginger bread house? No but I’m making it my mission this year, gingerbread is one of my favourite sweet treats

6. What are you most looking forward to this christmas season? Being with all my loved ones Any Christmas wishes? Just for a happy day (is that cliche?)

7. Favourite Christmas smell? Either mulled wine or any kind of food really

8. Favourite Christmas meal or treat? Controversial but I don’t like Christmas pudding so my mum will by me and my sister something different and mine is usually something chocolaty so I always look forward to that

9. How do you traditionally spend your Christmas day? With my mum’s side of the family in the morning and then with my dad’s for dinner in the afternoon

10. Do you open stockings first or presents? Stockings of course

11. When do you put up your tree? Usually right at the start of December

12. Least favourite part of Christmas? This year is going to be hard because it’s the first without my grandad who was my best friend. That’s going to be my least favourite thing

13. Any unusual traditions during your Christmas? I don’t think it’s unusual but we always get new pyjamas for Christmas Eve

14. Favourite childhood Christmas memory? Probably the new pyjamas or the year I got my first ever phone, I think I cried where I was so happy haha!

-Hannah X