Pamper Night Essentials

I love a good pamper night and feel like I am doing them every week at the moment so I thought I would share a few of my essential products with you.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t really worn makeup at all the last few weeks but I still go in with a double cleanse. I start off with some micellar water which I feel like everyone uses but if you’re looking for a good one, I can’t recommend the Nivea one enough, it dries so quickly and doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky at all. Then I go in my long time love, the Lacura hot cloth cleanser and I work this in with my Foreo which is another staple that I can’t go without. Together, this combo gently exfoliates my skin and leaves if feeling cleaner and looking brighter.


Now what pamper night is complete without a face mask? (the answer is none) My recent love is the famous pink clay mask from Alya Skincare*; there are actually no words to describe how good this is. You can either use it all over your face or in certain areas if you just need a little boost. It dries so quick and washes off like a dream and trust me when I say it leaves your skin glowingggg! I used to stray away from clay masks as I didn’t like the agg/mess of washing them off but this has encouraged me to give them another go.


After I have done a mask, I like to make sure that I go in with a strong moisturiser and the one I have been recently using is the H2O Ultra-Hydrating Water Gel from Antipodes*. It smells like roses which is actually one of my favourite smells and this leaves my skin feeling incredible! I suffer from dry skin so this has been a life saver lately and I can’t recommend it enough. It also makes my makeup look a lot nicer because there are no dry patches for my foundation to cling too. An all round winner!

What are your pamper night essentials?

Hannah X

*All products marked have been kindly gifted to me on a pr basis but all opinions and feedback are my own after own use.

Lush Six Scents Event

Lush events are some of my personal favourites to attend, so when Lust Straford asked if I wanted to come to their first ever event of course I said yes. The event was to showcase some of their scents some of which I was familiar with and some which were new to me so I was very excited. The evening was split between six scents and each scent had an activity related to it. There were also some amazing musicians there who were preforming throughout and their song choices varied from scent to scent.

The first smell was one of my favourites; Dirty and to celebrate that we had mojitos with the cutest flamingos cocktail sticks which were sprayed with the fragrance so every time you took a sip, you got a smell of dirty. We them moved onto Karma which is quite citrusy so for this we all sat on a rag in the middle of the store and there were bowls of oranges for us and some of the staff were walking around spritzing Karma into the air. It was probably my favourite part of the evening, I could have sat there all night just talking and listening to the music.

We then moved onto Vanillary and for this, we were each given a silk scarf which had be spritzed with the scent. Normally I’m not a massive fan of this smell as I find it can be a bit too over powering but each scarf had the perfect amount on it. We also had a go at making our own Cupcake face mask which is now my favourite Lush mask. Imogen Rose followed, which I was so excited for because I love the smell of roses. For this particular scent, the lovely ladies in Lush came round with massage bars and gave us all arm and hand massages which was just heaven. We were also given some Rose flavoured Turkish delight.

The last two scents were All Good Things and Lavender Hill Mob. All Good Things was dedicated to a relationship and how it is great and sweet at the beginning but it can tour bitter and negative. We were given candy floss to symbolise the start and beer to add the bitter element to the scent. We were also given love letters to pass around that had been sprayed with the scent.  The last activity that went with Lavender Hill Mob was making our own Ickle Baby Bot while having homemade Lavender cupcakes. I love going to Lush events and being able to make my own bath bomb, it’s great to get involved and see how its done.

The whole evening was perfect, you could tell so much thought and preparation had gone into it and they all really thought about the best ways to showcase each scent. Thank you so much to Lush Stratford for inviting me and hosting THE best Lush event I have ever been to.

-Hannah X

Lush ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ Face Mask


It’s no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with Lush and their products. Recently, I got the ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’ face mask and I have been dying to try it out but have put it off until this blog post was up. I had really high hopes for it, especially after trying the ‘Cup O’ Coffee’ face mask and I wasn’t disappointed.


The mask itself contains blueberries and chamomile among other ingredients to calm and cleanse the skin and seeing as I have had the busiest weekend at work, I felt that this was exactly what I needed! The mask itself it quite thick, which did take a bit of time to cover the face but the minute I had put it on, I was in love.

I left the Cup O’ Coffee mask on for about 30 minutes but I only left this one on for about 10 minutes as I found that it did ever so slightly start to crumble. I used my ‘Make Off Mitt’ along with some warm water to remove the make, which came off so easily; and as soon as I did, my skin felt so much cleaner and softer. I was so happy with the way my skin looked and smelt that I am already desperate to try it again.


I can honestly say that Lush’s face masks are my favourites and I can’t wait to try all of the other ones. If you’re looking for a new mask or haven’t tried the Lush ones, I definitely recommend going into a store and having a look.

What’s your favourite Lush face mask?

-Hannah X

Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask

I recently went to an event at one of my local Lush stores and they kindly gave us a bag of goodies and inside was a sample of the face mask ‘Cup O’ Coffee’. We got to try it on our hands at the event so I was so excited to try it on my face.



The minute you open the pot, it’s like someone has just brewed a batch of coffee. It’s quite a strong smell but, if like me, you like coffee, its actually quite a nice smell. The mask itself actually has coffee beans in it, which are great for exfoliating the face.

It looks disgusting but it felt amazing!

The best thing about it smelling so strong is that you can feel it waking you and your skin up and it definitely does that! They recommend on their website to leave of your 15-20 minutes but I left mine on for about 30 and tbh, I could have left it on for even longer, purely because of the smell haha. I rinsed it off with warm water and oh my goodness, my face felt so smooth and soft and my skin immediately looked better. Luckily, I only used about half the pot, so I have some left for another one but I’m now desperate to go into a store a buy a big pot.

-Hannah X