Christmas in London

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I Love nothing more than going into London to see all the decorations and pretty lights. My top places to go are Oxford Street and Winter Wonderland as they always make me feel the most festive through there decorations, music and complete ambiance.

During the week I went to Oxford Street while one of my best friends was over from Spain. We decided to have the ultimate Christmas day in the city so of course we started off with a trip to Costa to try some of their winter drinks; I opted for the Gingerbread latte as it is my favourite and Alex went for the Honeycomb latte. It was the perfect way to warm up on a brisk Wintery afternoon. We then continued the rest of the day wondering around Oxford street looking at all the lights and decorations that cover the streets.


Every year I try and make it to Winter Wonderland at least once. This year, I went with some of my cousins, mum and one of my aunts. It was such a lovely day browsing the market stalls, listening to Christmas music and drinking lots of mulled wine. I love going during the afternoon and staying till it gets dark so that you can see everything lit up; its so pretty. Working in the dreaded world of retail means that it can be difficult to get into the Christmas spirit but this definitely helped. It was so great to just sit and catch up with my family as we don’t often get to all see each other as much as we’d like. I loved it so much, I’m determined to make it an annual tradition.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

-Hannah X

Lush Six Scents Event

Lush events are some of my personal favourites to attend, so when Lust Straford asked if I wanted to come to their first ever event of course I said yes. The event was to showcase some of their scents some of which I was familiar with and some which were new to me so I was very excited. The evening was split between six scents and each scent had an activity related to it. There were also some amazing musicians there who were preforming throughout and their song choices varied from scent to scent.

The first smell was one of my favourites; Dirty and to celebrate that we had mojitos with the cutest flamingos cocktail sticks which were sprayed with the fragrance so every time you took a sip, you got a smell of dirty. We them moved onto Karma which is quite citrusy so for this we all sat on a rag in the middle of the store and there were bowls of oranges for us and some of the staff were walking around spritzing Karma into the air. It was probably my favourite part of the evening, I could have sat there all night just talking and listening to the music.

We then moved onto Vanillary and for this, we were each given a silk scarf which had be spritzed with the scent. Normally I’m not a massive fan of this smell as I find it can be a bit too over powering but each scarf had the perfect amount on it. We also had a go at making our own Cupcake face mask which is now my favourite Lush mask. Imogen Rose followed, which I was so excited for because I love the smell of roses. For this particular scent, the lovely ladies in Lush came round with massage bars and gave us all arm and hand massages which was just heaven. We were also given some Rose flavoured Turkish delight.

The last two scents were All Good Things and Lavender Hill Mob. All Good Things was dedicated to a relationship and how it is great and sweet at the beginning but it can tour bitter and negative. We were given candy floss to symbolise the start and beer to add the bitter element to the scent. We were also given love letters to pass around that had been sprayed with the scent.  The last activity that went with Lavender Hill Mob was making our own Ickle Baby Bot while having homemade Lavender cupcakes. I love going to Lush events and being able to make my own bath bomb, it’s great to get involved and see how its done.

The whole evening was perfect, you could tell so much thought and preparation had gone into it and they all really thought about the best ways to showcase each scent. Thank you so much to Lush Stratford for inviting me and hosting THE best Lush event I have ever been to.

-Hannah X

Makeup Revolution Party

Its no lie that Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite makeup brands so when I got invited to celebrate their second birthday party in London, I jumped at the chance.




The party was held at Cafe de Paris in Central London which was honestly the prettiest place I have ever been; it was like something out of The Great Gatsby. I arrived at the venue for the first section of the evening which was Afternoon Tea where we were met with fizzy elderflower and canapés.Around the outside of the room, there were booths which were laid out with new and soon to be launched products from Makeup Revolution and its sister brands; Freedom, I love makeup and Colourless. It was so much fun learning about each brand, their products and of course swatching them all!







After trying out and lusting after all of the new products, I spent the next hour or so talking to the other bloggers and trying out their GIF making Photo Booth. I bumped into some familiar faces and met some lovely people including Annie and Brogan. Also Makeup Revolution’s founder Adam bought his pug Blondie so I spent an unhealthy amount of time with her thinking of ways I could smuggle her home because she was the cutest thing I had ever seen.




7pm quickly rolled around and the party was really getting into full swing with more canapés and cocktails (which were so scummy). We had been told that there was a special announcement so we were all excitedly waiting for the news. Adam said a lovely speech about the brand and how it has achieved great success in such a small amount of time and it was great to see how much love and effort is behind such a fantastic company. The time finally rolled around and were told what the announcement was; Makeup Artists, get excited.


Freedom are hosting a competition called #IAmFreedom, launching in April where Makeup Artists will battle it out in live challenges to win a place in the live final which will be judged by 3 celebrity judges. Four runners up will each win £1,000 and the winner will receive £10,00, a year’s supply of Freedom makeup and a year long partnership deal with Freedom! How amazing does that sound? But it gets better; on the night, team Superdrug said they would match the prizes so the runners up will receive £2,000 and the winner will win £20,000!

After all of the speeches and announcements were over, it was time to continue the party which was DJ’ed by Scott Mills from Radio 1! At the end of the night, we were gifted an amazing goody bag with lots of Revolution and Freedom goodies which I will definitely be doing a review on. Also Makeup Revolution now have an App which you can download to get news, updates and special offers!


Thank you so much Revolution and Tam Beauty for the invite, I had such a great time celebrating with you all and can’t wait to see what the next 2 years brings

– Hannah X

Bloggers Hangout LFW Event

I’ve always wanted to go to London Fashion Week and when I saw that The Bloggers Hangout were hosting a LFW event, I knew I had to go. The event was at the ProVision Studios in Hoxton, London; which was so exciting for me seeing as I’m a Photographer.

The whole atmosphere was amazing, the music was playing and there were lots of new and exciting brands to discover. I really enjoyed walking around and getting to know each company; their ethos and their products. As well as networking with lots of great brands, it was also so lovely to meet so many fellow bloggers.


Some of the brands that were there were;

Beauty: Ark Skincare, Heaven Skincare, JD Beauty, Naturigin, Pacific World Cosmetics, Perphone, Shea Decadence London, Skin Doctors, Urban Veda.

Food & Drink: Bluebird Tea Co., CocoNuts, Cranes Drink, Natural Fitness, Pics Peanut Butter,  Popcycle, Popkakery, Pudology, Raw Gorilla, The Coconut Collaborative.

Thank you so much Bloggers Hangout for having me, it was such a lovely event!

-Hannah X

A Day In Windsor


My sister is studying at Royal Holloway University, so  the other day, me, my mum and dad decided to go and see her and have a day out in Windsor, seeing as it is only about a 20 minute drive away. I have never been there before so I was super excited to go especially after my sister told me how lovely it is there.

The place itself is so quiet and quaint with shops filling the little cobbled streets. It was absolutely amazing. We walked around for hours looking at every single shop there was, which included the cutest flower shop I have ever seen, I couldn’t stop looking at it, it was so pretty.

IMG_5578 IMG_5574

After exploring the shops, we stopped for coffee in a small cafe called Illy, which sold the nicest lattes and they also sold those little kinder bars so it was a win win really. After sitting having coffee while looking at the castle, we decided it was time to head home much to my disappointment.

I absolutely love Windsor and can’t wait to go back. The whole place has such a calm and peaceful atmosphere and everyone was so lovely which made a nice change from the fast pace of London life. Next time I go back, I have to go inside the castle because from the outside it looked incredible and I bet it looks even better inside.


Have you ever been to Windsor before?

-Hannah X

Hampton Court Palace

Yesterday, I went to Hampton Court Palace as it was my sister’s birthday and that is what she wanted to do. I had never been before, but I was super excited to go.

Source: Google

The first thing that really struck me was the size of the buildings; obviously I knew they were going to be grand but the rooms were just enormous, but so beautiful. As we walked into the Base Court, we picked up an audio tour so that we could get all the information as we moved from room to room. I found it fascinating how 500 years ago, the places that I was standing in housed hundred of servants and one of the most famous kings of English history, Henry VIII.

We spent the next couple of hours walking around the grand halls that were covered in portraits, learning about tudor England and about all the ghosts that roam the buildings as well as exploring the beautiful gardens and maze that surround the palace. It was honestly like I had entered a fairytale, it was amazing. (I definitely pretended I was a Disney Princess the whole time haha)



I can’t believe that, considering its not that far from my house, that I had never been before, but I would definitely go back again; there was so much to see and do that it really is such a fun day out