Ingham’s Winter Closing Party

I kindly got invited to the Inghams Winter Closing Party to celebrate the end of the Ski season. I had no idea what to expect but seeing as Inghams specialise in Skiing holidays, I knew I was in for a fun filled evening.

I arrived at The Montague on the Gardens hotel in Holborn and was greeted by the lovely ladies of Branded3 and Inghams. I found a cosy chair by the beautiful log fire and snuggled up with a blanket and hot cider, yummy! After chatting to the girls hosting the event and the other bloggers that were invited, we played a game called higher or lower where we had to guess is certain ski resorts were higher or lower than the previous card. ( I was rubbish btw)


The majority of the evening consisted of food, hot cider, chats, laughs and dressing up in ski suits and taking pictures under the snow machine for Instagram. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and it was so great to meet some lovely bloggers and just chat about all sorts of things. I had such a fun evening and just want to say a massive thank you to Branded3 and Inghams for having me; I am now even more desperate to go on a skiing holiday!


-Hannah X


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