Getting The Perfect Nights Sleep

I am a massive over thinker and often find that night time is the worst because no matter how tired I am, my mind is continuously in over drive worrying about a million different things.

I have tried so many things to try and shut my mind off; including the classic camomile tea but what works for me the most is pillow sprays. I didn’t even realise pillow sprays were a thing until I went to a blogger event and there was kindly one in the goody bag. I tried it out and couldn’t believe I hadn’t used one before.


I have tried a few different ones now, each with different scents but I find that the ones with lavender oil in them work best for me and the one that I have been loving the most is the Sweet Dreams spray by Feather and Down. Every night I look forward to getting into bed and spraying a few squirts of this because honestly I am out like a light in about 5 mins, which is great compared to the 40 it used to take.


It’s mad how much the way you sleep can affect the way you behave and function. I find work can be very stressful and I find it very hard to relax so from now on a pillow spray is a staple in my night time routine and probably equally as important to me as moisturising.

Have you ever tried a pillow spray and what do you think of them?

– Hannah

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