Blogmas Day 16| Favourite Christmas Memories

I love thinking back to Christmas’ past, on all the love and good times and I wanted to share some of those with you today. Also, how are we already on day 16!

The Zoo – Every Christmas Eve; me, my parents and sister would go to the zoo for the day and I used to love it. It was always such an exciting day, leaving early and heading down to explore and see all of the animals and to see Santa! It’s something that I looked forward to every year and I do actually miss it. We would then go to mass at the local church which really bought on the festive spirit because it was usually a children’s nativity.¬†


Grandad as Santa – Every Christmas morning I would go to my nan and grandads with all my aunts and cousins on my mums side of the family and I loved it. My grandad would always sit in a chair in the middle of the room and call out peoples names for presents, it was always such a big deal but it was so so special




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