Hand Luggage Essentials


Travelling, apart from photography, is my favourite thing to do. I don’t like being in the same spot for too long and I love exploring new places. Tomorrow, I am off to Spain to stay with my best friends/second family that moved out there about 12 years ago (even writing that has got me so excited) so I thought I would share my hand luggage essentials.

1. Digital Camera

I love using my iPhone for taking pictures and sharing them straight away via social media but for me, no trip is complete without a camera of some sort and having a little compact one is perfect for capturing all the memories without weighing down your bag.

2. Emoji Disposable Camera

I love using disposable cameras because the images always look old fashioned and vintage and this camera does that and more! I picked this up in the urban outfitters sale for £4, I know crazy! It has emojis already scratched into the negatives so when you get it developed the emojis are part of the picture. pretty cool right?

3. Passport

Arguably the most important thing, I won’t get very far without it haha.

4. Lipstick

I’m obsessed with the TopShop lipstick in the shade Macaroon at the moment so thats a must. Honestly it never leaves my bag.

5. A Book

 I’ll usually just buy a magazine at the airport but considering I’m flying by myself I need something to keep me entertained for the whole flight and I want to read Paper Town before I see the movie.

6. Phone and Headphones

No plane journey is complete without listening to Drag Me Down by One Direction on repeat, over and over.

7. Purse

Again pretty self explanatory with this one hahaa

-Hannah X

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