Disney Princess Tag

Happy New Year!

Since I spend 100% of my time wishing I was a Disney Princess, I thought it was only fitting that my first post of 2016 is The Disney Princess Tag.


Which Princess do you adore most?

Belle! She’s always been my favourite, ever since I was little.



Which Princess do you like the least?

Controversial but Cinderella, I’m not a fan



Which Princess do you relate too most?

Probably Ariel (also because I want to be a mermaid)



Which sidekick do you wish you had?

Mushu, he makes me laugh so much, and I’d love to wake up every morning with porridge that is happy to see me



Which best friend would you want to hang out with?

Charlotte La Bouff, I’d steal all of her dresses!



Which Prince would love you?

Flynn Rider, I mean come on!



Which parents would raise you?

Probably Merida’s they seem really cool although I can’t understand Scottish accents to well haha



Which Castle do you want to live in?

100% Sleeping Beauty’s but from Disneyland Paris. It’s so pretty



Which town do you wish you lived in?

New Orleans seems pretty nice



Which dress you do you wish to own?

Belle’s yellow dress, it’s like the ultimate princess dress



Which voice do you wish you had?

Ariel please so I can sing while sitting on rocks in the ocean



Which two Princesses would be best friends?

I think Rapunzel and Ariel would be good pal, they are always looking to explore new places



Which two princesses do you think would hate each other?

Cinderella and me hahah


Which two sidekicks would make a good due?

Mushu and Pascal, please someone turn that into a film haha.


Which two Princes would be best buds?


Prince Charming and Prince Phillip, they both seem quite similar

What scene makes you cry?

The Ballroom Dance in Beauty and the Beast.



What scene makes you cheer?

When Rapunzel gets reunited with her parents, I cry all the happy tears


What scene makes you cringe most?

None, all the Princess movies are cute.

Which story do you wish was your life?

Probably Mulan because she went out and fought for what she wanted. You go girl!



Which movie do you love most?

Beauty and the Beast


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