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I was tagged by my two favourite blogging sisters; Lauren and Rachel from TheFlowerThatBlooms to do the Lush Cosmetics Tag. With Lush being one of my favourite companies, I had to do it; so here goes!


What was your first…

1) Lush Bath Bomb?

Oh gosh, I can’t remember. I think it was Honey Bee

2) Lush Bubble Bar?

Creamy Candy Bar;  it’s my mums favourite so when I was younger, I always used to beg her to let me use a bit

3) Lush Massage Bar?


Strawberry Feels, I love it!

4) Lush Kitchen Item?


Queue the most shocking statement ever- I’ve never ordered from the Lush Kitchen. I much prefer going into the store and picking the items I want. I love talking to the people that work there about what each product does

5) Lush Shower Gel/Cream?


Snow Fairy. Why do they only bring that out at Christmas time, it smells incredible

6) Lush Shower Jelly?


I’ve never tried one, definitely putting it on my next Lush shopping list!

7) Lush Fresh Facemask?

Cup O’ Coffee, it makes me skin feel amazing and the smell is to die for

8) Lush Bar of Soap:

Layer cake, the colours are so pretty

What is your favourite…

1) Lush Store?

Oxford Street! 3 floors of pure heaven

2) Lush Bath Bomb?

Frozen and Intergalactic, I think its the glitter in them.

3) Lush Bubble Bar?


Pop in the Bath is always a classic for me. I also love Holly GoLightly but they only bring that out once a year 😦

4) Lush Massage Bar?


Strawberry Feels is the only one I’ve tried

5) Lush Kitchen Item?

*Placing first order soon*

6) Lush Shower Gel?

Easy, Snow Fairy!

7) Lush Shower Jelly?


Top of my list to buy next as I’ve never used one

8) Lush Facemask?

Cup O’ Coffee, ah I can’t fault it, I love love it

9) What Lush products would you like to see come back/haven’t tried yet?


Space Girl needs to come back, the smell of that was so nice!

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